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  1. I have recently purchased a bone stock new in box saiga and was looking to convert it. I found the conversion kits online at Carolina Shooters Supply and was wondering if one of these kits is all I need? Also are they as easy to put on as everyone says it is? I know my way around a toolbox but have never done any gun smithing. And is there any difference in the Tromix trigger guard and the Carolina shooters supply trigger guard other than looks?
  2. Is there ny where to buy a pre converted new saiga 12?
  3. Thanks for all the help. Sorry for the skepticism. It's my first time writing on a forum. You guys have been a lot of help.
  4. He's telling me it's converted as far as accepting the larger mags. Which is obvious because it has one on it. It is a 2011 model. If you saying I can get on online unconverted with a chaos. Isn't my deal better than that. I'm getting just an unconverted Saiga 12 with a $100 drum, an $80 laser light combo and a $50 aftermarket stock. I can get a stock Saiga online for $650 if in stock then you add the $100 drum, any after market stock I get is going to be over $50. Then I have to pay to have it converted which is like $75. This saiga is ready to go blast out 20 rd drums right now. Y are y'all
  5. He is asking $799 for it. It comes with an $80 light/laser combo, 20rd drum, and 5rd mag. It is new in box except for the shots he put through it.
  6. I am about to purchase a saiga 12 from a dealer in town. He says it's converted but the pistol grip a trigger have not been moved forward. But it also has a 20 rd drum on it and shoots with it on. Any ideas on what I'm looking at? Thanks
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