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  1. I don’t know if you’re asking me or the OP but my goal is to make my 3 guns’ triggers as similar as possible. I already have 4 extended chokes to choose from for any particular stage and try to pick the load/choke combo that is most appropriate for that stage.
  2. Thanks Jim. I think I have a set of JP yellow springs lying around, I’ll try that. Would there be any issue with light strikes or maybe some particular brand of ammo I should avoid? So far my gun has been pretty darn reliable with zero malfunctions at SMM3G and nationals last weekend (lots of other shotguns had problems at those matches). The only malfunctions at other local matches were due to the steel base getting ripped off of Rem Gun Club shells which I’ve seen happen to other people too. I also managed to kill an eotech and a cmore.
  3. What's the best way to get a light trigger on this gun? I have a Firebird MKA (w/ their Al lower) but the trigger is too heavy for my taste. My pistol trigger is 1.5lbs and rifle is 2.5lbs., having the shotgun be so much different causes a few issues. I'm shooting it slower than I should be and then I start mashing the trigger on my other guns. ~3lbs would be about right, I have a bone stock benelli I use for pheasant hunting that has a 3lb trigger and my beretta is about 3.5
  4. The new safety detent works awesome, very smooth and positive.
  5. Definitely agree on balancing springs. I have a bunch of 1911 springs to play with so I just need to see which one helps with the FTE's without introducing FTFs. Doug are you using the stock gas plug?
  6. I dropped the front recoil spring down to a 12lb 1911 spring and liked how it shot but the infrequent FTF’s got a little more frequent so I went back to the stock recoil spring. Since the bolt has been polished I don’t get the FTFs anymore so I might try the lighter spring again to get some more bolt speed and positive ejection. The FTE's were with the stock recoil spring.
  7. Sounds balanced. What kind of problems did you experience? I had ~15 failures to eject (stovepipes) with all types of ammo and different power levels. It didn't make a whole lot of sense because the gas ports were fine and the gun was clean. Only 1 stage without problems. Before that in previous matches I had about 1 FTF per ~75 rounds on average although those were easy to clear (just a nudge forward on the bolt handle).
  8. The firebird akdal comes with a midbarrel comp, but only 1 vs the 2 on saigas. I shoot with a few folks that had their midbarrel comps removed on their R&R's and the barrel holes welded up due to reliability issues. No shotgun is foolproof, especially raceguns. My saiga (although not an r&r) took repeated dumps on me at superstition this year. Another buddy went with an R&R but without the comp and he loves that gun. All the R&R saigas and FB akdals looked pretty good to me at superstition.
  9. Correct, the mag would have the male portion of the ELS clip (with the snap removed) and it would go into the female portion which is rigidly attached to the outer belt only. It's a crazy idea and I don't know how well something like this would work. I think it would hold the mag securely but might bind when you pull it out on a reload.
  10. Also, instead of using a belt clip, has anyone glued a mag to either a safariland ELS clip or bladetech TMMS clip with the snap feature removed? That could be a slick setup for 3gun.
  11. Hmm, sounds like I owe Nanci another call. Thanks.
  12. I have 4 of the 15-rd mags. I’m thinking now I might put some kydex belt clips on 2 of them and then a coupler on the other 2. Firebird recommending not coupling the 15’s together because of potential problems with the mag catch but I wonder if I downloaded them to 12 each or 24 total (or some other number) it would be ok. Then I would have the option of using the arredondo coupler or another coupler system. Which coupler system would work best for grabbing onto the saiga12 component of the mags? I would have to use a shell stop of some sort. Where can I get one of those? The arredondo
  13. So now that I have a new Firebird Akdal shotgun and a few 15rd mags (5rd mag with the Saiga mag extension) I need to figure out the best way to carry them with me in a 3gun stage. Are people using pouches (fabric or polymer) or clips on their belt (and if so which type?)? I would probably want to be able to carry 2 mags on my person besides the one in the gun. Thanks.
  14. Remington and federal walmart promos have worked well for me. Although I did have a rim ripped off a rem gun club hull last weekend at a 3gun match (fortunately a local match). First time that ever happened to me.
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