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  1. Like the others have done I modified my factory 10rd magazine to work with a bullet guide. I just used a Tapco magazine for reference while using a dremel to grind the proper cuts.
  2. While the delay of communication was off putting (but understandable given the circumstances) the quality of the parts more then made up for the shipping delay. I did my Saiga conversion using nothing but Dinzag stuff and if I ever get the itch to convert another one Dinzag will get my business again (and I will check weather forecasts in his area before hand).
  3. Tapco mags are great for the range but I would avoid using them for any serious activities. I have a couple of the newly made Bulgarian metal magazines with polymer followers that are a pain to get into my Saiga to lock in while the Tapco mags go in perfect with very little wobble.
  4. Got a box in the mail today with my much needed parts from Dinzag! It was almost a Christmas-like euphoria.
  5. I placed an order on July 17th and have received most of the parts ordered the following week, however, the Bolt-On Retainer & 74 FSB were circled on my invoice and this was written beside them: I have sent two emails to dinzzag@yahoo.com asking for an ETA on the parts from two different email accounts on July 27th and August 1st and have yet to get a reply back. I tried using the Messenger service here on the forums but it says "The member dinzag can not use the messaging system" when I try to send a message. edit: Got an email today (8-6-12) from Dinzag.
  6. Look at the last post date before your post. BattleRifleG3 - Last Active Nov 27 2011 05:11 PM
  7. If it was a hairline crack by where the gas piston retaining pin goes through the carrier I wouldn't worry about it. You could drill a small hole at the end of the crack or have someone weld it up but the rifle will still function fine without any remedy.
  8. Bought new Saiga 132 '09 (2-28-12 inspection date) with round trunnion & dimples.
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