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  1. hey distal thanks for the link to the review very helpful. ever run the can again with water?
  2. 50 rounds ...wow. Im imagining a 12 guage beta mag.....a man can dream.
  3. hello everyone. new to the forum, first post. currently contemplating a suppressor for saiga 12. looking at cadiz gun works and red jacket. pros to cadiz suppressor: its 10.5 inches compared to red jackets 15" at 1 lb 6 oz also lighter than red jackets 2lbs at $800 cheaper than red jackets $900. can be fitted to most barrel lengths. rjf suppressors only fitted to shorti's. pros to red jacket: considered the industry standard in terms of saiga 12 suppressors. considered reliable among industry leaders. highly effective in reducing db levels compared to cadiz which is really used for reducing recoil instead of sound. can have it integrally built. this is just my two cents on the products. both seem like great products and would like to see what others think about the suppressors. Any feedback would be much appreciated. thank you for your time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGYThnZRC7c
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