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  1. I was going to Stones River. But that place is way to crowded. So its really been a long time since I shoot a long gun.
  2. Wow, looks like there are more then just a few of us from Nashville. I picked up my S12 over a year ago, and sadly she has been a safe queen. Not one shot fired. But that's about to change. I am going to read up all I can in the next few days, then sometime early next week order all the parts to convert, reliably fire cheap ammo, and have a all around badass bed side gun. A few pics from when I purchased her in february 2011.
  3. You can tell people all day long "Do not go cheap with a gun safe". But rarely does anyone listen. I am very happy with my safe. It's also nice having the peace of mind that when my Niece and Nephew visit they will not get into my Liberty FatBoy.
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