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  1. Hey guys what do u think about this..i wanna put a real lower handgaurd retainer on so i hve to chnge the front sight block and gas block..wut do u think of this? http://www.shop.dezarms.com/product.sc?productId=29
  2. hey guys so im wondering where i can get an ak-47 parts kit that will be compatible with my saiga 7.62x39..i want it for the spare bolt carrier and bolt especially but all the other parts are good to have too..any imput is appriciated..
  3. i dont have a camera.. if u pretend this capitol "O" is wut u see when u look at the gas block strait on with the gas tube off the bottom of the gas block is worn more than the rest of the gas block like the piston is just barly bindin but not enough to efect the functionality of the gun and rubbing a wear spot where it makes contact.. the metal is a little thinner too..probobly normal
  4. hey guys..so i have this draco quad rail i modded to fit on my saiga 7.62x39..it bolts togeather with 4 allen screws and does not require an upper hand gaurd retainer..it is very nice and works well but i had to grind on it a bit to get it to fit right cuz it was binding up the gas piston..now when i take my gas tube off i can see the the lower half of the gas block has a little more wear on it than the top..like the metal is a lil bit thinner..is this normal? with the handgaurd bolted down tight i think it might be binding it just a little tiny bit..like not enough to matter cuz it cycles sm
  5. yes indeed..still havent shot it yet but im goin out tomarrow to test it out..were gona have a fireing squad executed on my old dryer..take that dryer thats wut u get for a busted heater core..
  6. i used a dremel with a thin cutting wheel then finished the wholes off with a 1/16th drill bit
  7. i vented my own gas tube check it out..will it work.
  8. well how many rounds have u shot with ur buffer in..i need to get at least 30000 rnds outta this rifle..
  9. i have a saiga 7.62x39 and i shoot bout 700 rnds per month.. the gun is overgassed so the carrier hits the trunnion everytime..i change the recoil spring to a wolff exra power spring and i still hits just not as bad..i have a black jack buffer and that helps a lot with the metal to metal contact.. what i wanna know is can the buffer cause more damage to the gun..like bend the rivits or something..? wut should i do? if i was rich i would just buy a bunch of 7.62x39's and change out parts whenever one breaks..but i am not..any opinions are welcome thankyou.
  10. yes definatly and u will save a grip of money
  11. case dings are caused by shell ejection hittin the dust cover..take a dremel and file 1/8 inch off of first ridge..
  12. agreed i wouldnt shoot without a black jack buffer..cheap insurence indeed
  13. You don't need the recoil buffer unless your gun is over-gassed. It won't reduce recoil, only prevent the bolt carrier from hitting the rear truncheon of your receiver if it's over gassed thus reducing wear and tear. A normal ak design doesn't make any (or at least very little) contact with the reciever. It shouldn't affect recoil or reliability in any case. Loctite should be enough to keep the screws in place. wrong wrong wrong indeed..EVERY god damn AK-47 slams its carrier into the rear trunnion..overgassed or not i think they all slam.
  14. ya i know i just dont wanna beat it to death..trust me i definatly shoot enough to put an experation date on any gun so i try and gear up to make it last
  15. goin back to the buffer still have a bit of contact with wolff extra power spring
  16. ya its hittin every time almost some harder than others...i used maskin tape and it took 5 shots to put holes in the tape where there was contact..so i have a wolff extra power and my spare spring..was thinkin bout takin a small section off the old spring and adding it to the guide with the wolff extra power..
  17. i have the spring and it helped a little bit but it still hits sometimes..its mushrooming where the bolt contacts the carrier a little bit it doesnt look horrible or anything..im just wondering if i dont get a buffer or something it might eventually beat it self to death..this is my favorite gun and i love the shit outta it..i shoot like 3 times a week and i know an ak has a long life span i just hope mine does..
  18. i thought that it was too wide so i shaved it down to half its original thickness..the action goes all the way back everytime so i figured if it was thinner it might not do any damage to the rivits like so many people said would happen
  19. i had one and i fucked it up..it seems like with a buffer the distance the carrier has to travel is shorter so now it would be makin contact everytime...could that b bad on the rivits/
  20. so i have a saiga 7.62x39 and it is overgassed..io changed the recoil spring to wolff extra power and the carrier still hits the trunnion pretty good..i bout a 1/16th cobalt bit and was wondering if i drilled a small hole in the gas block if that would vent some of the excess gas and stop the violentaction...? n e input appreciated..
  21. In case anybody is wondering how to fix the bolt carrier to trunnion contact your answer is not a buffer..i tried one out and removed it and threw it away after 20 rounds..it was unnatural..my wolff extra power recoil spring arrived a couple days ago and i tested it out yestarday..no more extremly violent contact between the trunnion and carrier..i doubt it touches at all..
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