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  1. New carrier came in. Cycling by hand is smoother than the gun has ever been. All things considered I'm hoping the old carrier was shipped bent and didn't buckle during firing. Range time will tell.
  2. They're shipping me out a "replacment unit" this week. Zero questions asked but judging from the pics there wasn't much more to ask I guess.
  3. Theres a recoil buffer protecting rear trunion. side view
  4. Let me start by saying i have already contacted DDI via email about this issue but expect no reply during holiday weekend. I figured in the meantime id see what you guys think. Took it out shooting today, broke it down for cleaning and noticed the carrier/piston rod has a "hump" in the middle. You can see the wear marks on top of the "hump" already starting. This seems not normal to me and at the moment i have nothing to compare it to. I ran 15 slugs and about 100 rounds of federal bird shot through it. Aside from this possible issue i was happy with the day of shooting. The slugs ran fine as expected. Out of 100 rds of the target loads i had 4 stovepipes, it was ejecting very weak on the max gas setting but they were making it out. For fresh out of the box that exceded my expectations considering all the work my old Saiga needed to get it to do the same thing. A few observations, the "hand adjustable" gas system turned into needing small channel locks and a screwdriver after about 20 rnds. The thing is brutal on the shoulder more soar now than i ever was after shooting the siaga, for whatever reason. The AGP Arms 10 rounders and the Promag 20rd drum both fit right out of box with zero fitting needed. Both ran as good as the factory mags. All have more wobble than my Saiga did. Its slight but its there. Thats about it for now. Its fun as hell to shoot and the guys were lining up to try it, thanks for any input anyone may have on the carrier issue.
  5. yes us made kvar set. the most work went into the buttstock but had to file both upper and lower hand guards. it wasnt specifically made for the Chinese rifles so a lil work was required, did it all with a bastard file, a razor blade and a coping saw to cut the tab on lower hand guard pretty much in half to fit in receiver.
  6. Idk what happened with pic....the plum is a lot more subtle than I thought it was gonna be...it looks black until you put it next to something that is actually black.
  7. Bought my MAK-90 about 7 years ago had the choate skeleton stock on it and decided it was time for a change. the finish had seen better days so i stripped it down, did a new paint job, high temp engine enamel, and put the plum K-VAR stock set on it. turned out pretty good. only piece i didnt have to file on was the pistol grip.
  8. Getting the safety back in through the retaining plate and into the hole in reciever. Everything else went according to plan.
  9. If it came out it will go back in...make sure bolt is forward put carrier in somewhat tilted so right rail goes In first, rock down and push forward, nothing will need to be forced. Kinda one of those things you just have to get the hang of.
  10. 1. Suppressor 2. Form-4 3. Individual 4. 10/5/12 5. 10/7/12 6. 10/10/12 7. 10/24/12 8. 4/5/13 9. I called dealer on 4/17/13 they had to look for it called back said it was in...I suspect it had been there for at least a few days. 10. 4/18/13 11. ?
  11. Its (12g) everywhere here...michigan...probably the last time u checked the guy before u panicked and bought it all. People just need to chill and let the stock catch back up. If your sitting on thousands and thousands of rounds do you really need to just keep buying out the store everytime u see it?
  12. SmibRover

    barrel shrouds?

    i got one from mississippi auto arms and it has a hard plastic insert at the end closest to hand guard that tightens down secure. no movement and the ring wont scratch barrel.
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