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  1. I bought a Komrad last Friday, I ran it over the weekend. It ran through 00 buckshot, #4 buckshot, 2 3/4" and 3" slugs no problem. It would not cycle the Walmart bird shot. It pounded my shoulder but I was hitting 6" steel targets at 50 yards with the slugs from a standing position. I am quite happy with it so far. I think I need to change the gas plug and puck to see if I can get it to run the cheap ammo.
  2. Bob: In his post he says the pictures were from the manufacturer and that he did not have it yet, so the original forearm was on the gun the manufacturer used fr the pictures.
  3. How many people have these? How have they held up? And why are they no longer offered at CSS and MAA? Just looking for some feedback on the product after it has been out and used for a while.
  4. I like the look of that Bullseye/ghost ring sight, seems like it would work well. But will the XS sight systems # 006-000-160AE fit?
  5. Thanks Tony, That looks like a solid easy setup that would work great if you have a rear tang. Since I have no rear tang my goal is to be able to do this but somehow do it with an internal receiver block.
  6. Thanks, That looks interesting, but the images are not real clear on their website so it's kind of hard to see it up close clearly. How does it lockup tight in the folded and twisted position? What holds it in that position? Anyone else use this and what is you opinion on it?
  7. romad7: What type of stock do you have? Must be a folder type if you are shooting PGO a lot. What side does it fold on? Does it work good for you shooting it when folded and have you shot it it folded with a drum mag like the MD-20? I also like to shoot with PGO which is why I want to make some type of quick detach stock option so the folded stock is not in my way when using a MD-20 drum, the folded stock always seems to hit the drum when folded and won;t lock down. Has anyone used a left side folding adjustable length stock that will clear a MD-20 drum if it is extended when folded?
  8. Thanks guys, those are some good ideas. Tony: Can you please explain the operation of this? I don't see a backplate welded to the receiver, Does that pin go thru the tang to hold it on the gun? Is it pull the pin and the stock pulls out of the rear of the receiver?
  9. im_n2_vws: Can you post a pic of the left side of your setup with it folded? I'd really like to see how the Ace 7.5" stock with ace folder fits and if it covers the trigger at all. I am a lefty and want to be sure it will clear. Much appreciated if you can.
  10. The Bonesteel folder looks like it is really heavy duty and the strongest but it also looks like it adds a few extra inches to overall length of the stock. Bonesteel does not list the length of the folder mechanism so it hard to tell how much it adds. Can someone measure their Bonesteel folder and see how long it is from the receiver to where the stock mounts to it? It seems most of the stocks are long and I like a shorter stock so I have been looking at the Ace 7.5" skeleton stock and the Bonesteel folder for my setup but I don't know how long the total length will be. What length
  11. What is the minimum length a butt stock has to be? Could it be cut down to be really small?
  12. Thanks everyone.......... I guess the people who have already done it and are selling them that way just have not been busted yet.
  13. So If I took a Mossberg 590A1 that came with a regular sporter style butt stock and put a pistol grip on it thus removing the butt stock I would be in violation? And what if I bought a Mossberg 590A1 from someone else who already changed it to be pistol grip would I be in violation for owning it even though I did not know how it came from the manufacturer?
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