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  1. Steel galil mags work great if you build up the locking tabs on them to where the feed lips sit flush to the lower receiver rails. I bought 6 beater mags from apex awhile back and added weld to the bottom of the locking tabs. I then filed the weld to fit on each mag. My rifle seemed to not like a super tight lockup on the mag, so i fit them to where there's a little side to side wobble. Never had a misfeed with them and they are all original. I also buffed the legs on the follower to a shine and oiled the insides of the mag body with remoil.
  2. You can make regular AK furniture fit. You have to file the blocks on the furniture that go into the receiver to accomodate for the extra .5 mm of thickness. I've got surplus Bulgarian 74 wood on mine. Also, if you want to use a regular AKM gas tube for the upper handguard brackets, you have to do some filing on the gas tube so that the lock will clear. I actually found converting a Vepr easier than converting my a Saiga.
  3. It has nothing to do with the stock fcg itself. It's only for 922r compliance. I really dont feel like going to jail over not having the right parts count in my rifle.
  4. I need to change some parts out for 922r. I know the hammer is unique to the 308. I was wondering if an Arsenal trigger and disconnector will work in an 01 without too much hacking and grinding.
  5. I just bought a vepr 308. I've decided to accelerate my buying of ammo and mags just in case prices go through the roof. It was hard to pass up M80 ball for .65/rd.
  6. The issue I'm having is I'm not shooting accurately when I use my PK01-V with both eyes open. When I shoot with my right eye closed(I'm a lefty), I tear the center out of the target every time. Otherwise, I'm spraying all over the target. What's going on here? I have the red dot aligned with the tip of the front sight blade. Is there something I'm doing wrong with my adjustment on the red dot? Do I need to raise the rear sight to the 100 meter setting instead of the battle setting? Basically, I'm confused. I thought I should be able to use a red dot with both eyes open. Any suggestions?
  7. I'm glad I loaded up on Beryl and Galil mags when you could still find them for a decent price.
  8. I did worse on my barrel when I removed the FSB. It should be alright.
  9. My brother got full custody of his boys. Prepare to spend 10's of thousands to do it, though.
  10. I've got an 09 223. To make the Galil mags 100%, add weld to the bottom of the locking tabs on the front and back of the mag. File the weld until you have the feed lips on the mag sitting flush to the bottom of the receiver rails. You don't want them too tight or the bolt will hang up on the rounds. On my rifle, I've got a little side to side movement on mag fit with my Beryls and Galils but they are both 100%. Another thing I would recommend on Galil mags, is polishing the legs on the followers and giving the mag body a good cleaning and coating with Remoil.
  11. I'll take my s&w m&p 40 over that piece of glock anyday of the week. lol
  12. I didn't want to start another thread about this, so I'm adding it here. Like I stated earlier in this thread, I picked up some beater Galil mags and modded them. One of the things I did while "rearsenaling" them was polish the legs on the followers to a shine with a dremel and sprayed a little Remoil inside the mag bodies.The followers were pretty rough moving through the mag bodies originally, now they move incredibly slick. If anyone is modding steel galils for a S223, I recommend doing this.
  13. bigdust80


    Does anyone make a copy of an StG-44 chambered in 7.62x39 or something similar?
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