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  1. Do all later IZ-109's have the manual BHO feature? Is that something that is "bypassed" once the sporting base is converted? I was asking some questions of a retailer and I was getting 2 different answers!
  2. Why do you have to give up shooting 3" stuff if you use that puck and is that the same for ANY after market puck? I think that was just a tag to the autoplug question aside from the puck. Doesn't the autoplug warn against Magnum shells?
  3. I didn't mean to be longwinded. I just threw that last bit in for good measure. I mostly was interested in the gas system. It sounds like the auto-plug on a 109 or 040 model will do the job as well as the 030. Is there a puck that works best with the auto plug?
  4. I started a similar thread in the General Discussion that went swimmingly, so I figured I should focus my S12 questions here (hopefully to the same effect!) Per the title, I'm relatively new to firearms and green to all things Saiga. Here it goes. . . 1) If the 030 models (e.g. IZ-433) have a auto-regulating gas system and the 040 models (IZ-412) and the IZ-109 have a manually adjustable gas system, which is more desirable (i.e. is it better to have the ability to change the gas settings yourself?) 2) If the manually adjustable gas system is best, what is the preference b/t the IZ-109
  5. I never meant to imply a conspiracy. Rather, the fact that to the end user the name IS everything, even though to the manufacturer the product may be identical. Look at what an end user will pay for a mint Buick Grand National with matching numbers. Compare that price to a Grand National clone with mismatching parts. They may have EXACTLY the SAME capabilities, and in fact the clone could be superior, but the original will always have more value. This is an ideal analogy (one I was struggling to make!) We understand that nothing sinister is afoot whether it be tax or legal reason
  6. I understand that these companies are under the same umbrella. It's the way the rifles are being advertised. I wouldn't mind the product description reading "developed in close association with Arsenal", but the rationale to just call them Arsenal rifles is wrong.
  7. @ jbanzai Does the rifle have any reference to Russia or Izhmash with regard to markings? I wasn't sure if "nothing else anywhere" meant nothing extra or literally no other marks besides saiga and FIME. That would be more troubling. @ Atlantic firearms I didn't mean there was a conspiracy, but at best it's a mistake to list these rifles as Arsenal when the company itself indicates that they are not. At worst it makes it appear as if we are being scammed when it's really a strategic change by Arsenal/FIME. And not to be a d*ck, but as was mentioned, the retailers are the ones a
  8. I know what you mean, but we all know Prince and his music regardless of his name. With these rifles it's the opposite. The branding tells us that it carries the quality of Arsenal and Legion. I had never heard of FIME before this, so it isn't reasonable for them to "borrow" the equity that the Arsenal brand name implies. Again, these rifles may be of superior quality, but FIME must build their name just like Arsenal did before they try charge Arsenal prices. Minor update: one large online retailer I had contacted changed the description to mention FIME instead of Arsenal. The other model
  9. I couldn't agree more. There is a reason why these rifles are being called just like an Arsenal, without actually calling them Arsenal. Now the company may not want to divulge that info, but then the price must come down. You can't expect to build a brand and then charge a mint for "exactly like this brand, but not really." Doesn't it make you want to ask if the rifles are imported by a sister company in the same city, and then converted using identical parts supposedly, why is Arsenal effectively removed from the process? It doesn't smell right, especially at that price.
  10. It seems misleading to sell them under the Arsenal name though. The K-var site seems to have stricken any specific mention of Arsenal (or Legion for that matter) from the SGL product descriptions. Judging from those responses though, it seems like they are going to a lot of trouble to advertise the cache of the Arsenal brand while being careful to avoid definitively mentioning that Arsenal is handling the conversions. While the FIME versions could be superior for all I know, it is misleading to list them under the Arsenal banner (and charge the Arsenal premium) when the company is not dire
  11. Though you might want to see this regarding the SGL's: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/79704-fime-fka-arsenal-sgl-according-to-customer-service/
  12. After contacting a few resellers (e.g. Atlantic Firearms) regarding supposed Arsenal rifles arriving marked as FIME Group, I was assured these were the exact same SGL21's that were stamped as Arsenal/Legion. Unsatisfied with their responses, I decided to contact the (re)manufacturers myself. I messaged Arsenal, FIME, and K-var independently and received responses quite literally moments apart. Here's our discourse: To Arsenal from me: "Is FIME a "sister" company to Arsenal? Are the new SGL 21 rifles identical to those that were previously marked Arsenal( i.e. is Saiga Legion in Russia
  13. I'm not too concerned about the marks if the Saiga legion still selects/exports the rifles and the same quality conversions are being done by Arsenal/FIME staff. It seems disingenuous to call these Arsenal rifles though. . .
  14. Well, I've been trying to up my Saiga IQ the last few days and the questions overfloweth. It seems that the SGL rifles that resellers are calling Arsenal are not marked Arsenal any longer, but FIME group, their "sister" company. I can't seem to find a clear answer as to whether Saiga Legion is still involved on the Russian side or if Arsenal still converts them here in the states. What;s the word? @MightyLordRay, thanks for the Tac47 reco. I really like their custom build options!
  15. @MulletMan > So the stick mags (excluding the Pro Mag of course) literally do not fit into the mag well and do not activate the LRBHO? I saw those Russian mags too; now I know why they cost $100! On the 030 model series S12, are that mag well and the LRBHO stock or conversion features? Based on its limitations, is the LRBHO as attractive a feature as I've assumed? I must admit that the hi-cap stick mags and drums are part of the appeal, so maybe I'm mistaken. @MLR > The 1st place I saw those mags was at the Saiga-12 E-store, and as I make my way though the vendors I've perused C
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