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  1. I used the RIDGID 104 Tubing Cutter and my results look pretty much like Chile's photos in his post #5.
  2. i live in CA never been to NY yet but the petition = signed!
  3. $400 for a mag??! what's the world coming to?!
  4. Those are the exact reasons why I went with Moly Resin. No fancy marketing but the product works! And prep is key when doing any refinishing. I de-greased all parts in dish washing soap, dried with air compressor, stuck parts in the oven to preheat before actual air brushing the Moly Resin on. I used flat black and it came out looking really good. The surface isn't rough but rather smooth... You can sorta control how flat or semi glossy you want by the pre-heating of parts. Higher temp will get you more flat finish. Some of the parts that started to cool by the time I got to them looked
  5. Nope, everything is backordered on Sportsman's Guide with estimated availability in July-Sept 2013 lol.
  6. I'd suggest looking at Moly Resin. It's much more durable than paint or duracoat. You may have heard of Cerakote, IMO, Moly Resin is even better. Unfortunately for Moly Resin, Cerakote probably spends 100X in marketing materials/website. I've used it on my Saiga 7.62x39 receiver. It does require baking which I did in my oven but I love the finished result! Here's the link: http://www.johnnorrellarms.com/ Phil.
  7. my 2012 S12 came with 4 ports and all open but still have about 40% failure to ejects on Win Universals. it's fine on Federal Bulks and everything else i've tried. so I'm just going to stay away from those crappy shells. problem solved. =)
  8. ^^ yeah, there is something seriously wrong for your hammer to look like that.
  9. I filed the locking lugs based on instructions from AGP and e-store customer service. So if I have problems later, they'll hear from me again. =)
  10. Normally the S12 shouldn't have any problems shooting slugs. Winchester Universals, yeah, you'll get ~30% FTE... It sounds like there maybe an issue with the AGP mag. Check it, see if the metal feed lips feel very lose. It can get pushed up by the shells and potentially block the bolt resulting in FTL. I decided to epoxy all of mine down after getting them out of the box. That's my best guess. Good luck!
  11. the 4 AGP 10 round mags I bought about a month ago all required filing to get them to lock in to my 2012 Saiga 12. Was told by both AGP and the E-store that is normal. *shrug* I filed down on each of the mag catch tabs and they all work fine now. Edit: I did watch that video above but decided to not touch the tabs on the sides as he suggested. All of my 4 mags fit very snug/flush on the sides so I don't see how the mags could be pushed in past the side tabs. What I did file was the "face/ramp" of the mag catch tabs till they click in. I also decided to reinforce the metal feed lip
  12. Nice letter Cpt Hero. I'm copying and sending that to my Senator/Congressman.
  13. Got my brand new Saiga 12 around end of November. Fired about 100 shells in it's stock configuration (no pistol grip no trigger conversion) without problems except the few FTE on Win Universals which is common/expected. However, two days ago at the range, my trigger failed to reset after a few shots. =O Opened the cover and had to pressed down on the hammer to let the trigger reset. The trigger felt strange after that and I noticed I couldn't pull it all the way back but it fired 2 more 10 round mags just fine. After I got home, I opened the cover again to see if I could figure out wh
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