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  1. oh shit!!! talk about havin some serious gas problems.....
  2. first time I heard about them was from a friend who told me about this 'weird mag=fed shotgun' so I started researching and found the Saiga family of shotguns. I went to some shows and shops but couldn't find one. Finally I talked to the counter-guys at one of the shops and they told me that they could order me one. after that, it was all downhill....
  3. Red Star Arms fully adjustable trigger you may have to modify your safety selector to clear it and work correctly, but its TOTALLY worth it.... I LOVE mine I have mine adjusted so that I have a super light takeup and hard, crisp break with no overtravel
  4. Nope, you can move the trigger group without cutting the tang, the only reason you have to cut the tang is to install certain stocks, you cut the tang, weld on a backplate and mount the stock that way. With other stocks you simply unbolt your factory stock, slide it out, slide in the new stock and screw it in solid.... piece of CAKE
  5. You dont have to cut the tang to do a folding stock conversion. Just look at Carolina Shooter Supply, he's got stocks that'll bolt right on no cutting required....
  6. you're worried about close quarters and you're workin with a 21" barrel??????? I'm sorry but you are contradicting yourself all over the place on this one.... anyway, to your questions. All you need to get is a 'trigger set' which will come with hammer and trigger, Red Star Arms makes a really good adjustable one, but you'll have to grind the side of the hammer to get the BHO to fit, as you will with the Tapco trigger, Tromix and Dinzag both have pre-ground ones that work well also (I have a Tromix in my shotgun)- The tromix kit also comes with a 'shepards crook' to lock the pins back in
  7. I didn't even need a file on my 223, the square nut dropped right in a hole that was already in the receiver..... it took me longer to get the factory stock off than to get the rifle converted.
  8. personally, I wont have one of those things on any of my guns. They all feel flimsy and half-assed to me. Why is it that you are afraid of the conversion? If you are in or feel like making a trip to Central KY I will help you do the conversion if you bring the parts... its not hard and will take us 1 afternoon. it is nothing to be scared of, and really changes the way the rifle feels in the hand, the weight distribution is just TONS better.
  9. since WFO2 stole mine... I'll have to go for 2011 the next generation of the 1911
  10. the one that I have found best is on Carolina Shooter Supply..... great videos
  11. I prefer bore snakes to rods, the only time that I use a rod is when I have a blemish in the bore which is VERY VERY rare. Just get a rod for a 22LR if you prefer rods, if you try a bore snake, I think you'll fall in love
  12. I think the only reason that they say you slap the trigger on a shotgun if because they have gotten used to a sloppy trigger that you do that to on the shotgun....
  13. ok, here ya go, do you want the gun to be a longer-distance super-accurate shooter? typically you want this only with rifle calibers or slug guns.... if you want the gun to be a 'quick to target and shoot' then the RSA is overkill.... that's what I'm hearing from most people.
  14. I found it simple enough to adjust the trigger pull before putting the safety on.... adjusted the trigger by dry-firing... when it went together it was GREAT, haven't even noticed if I can or can't adjust the screws once I got it all together
  15. I have a RSA trigger group and it is AWESOME. I plan to install one on all of my conversions. I bought it to go in my 223 that I am converting for an Appleseed shoot so I wanted something that would allow me to achieve a hard, clean break.... and boy does it do that.... I currently have it adjusted to a 2 stage pull, the first stage moves about 1/4" @1-2lbs, the second stage is a 12lb glass rod, no overtravel, very short reset.... I LOVE IT I would suggest that you do a little work on it as you put it in though, to make it even better. smooth and polish the contact surfaces, basically
  16. that is supposed to catch the hammer, sounds like you may need to smooth the connecting surfaces.... sounds like your trigger may not be resetting, or that part may be broken and not releasing when the trigger resets.... I can't tell you for sure without seeing video or having it in my hands to see how everything is working.
  17. sounds like you didn't get the retainer back in correctly... if you used a Shepherds crook, make sure its wrapped correctly, if you used a plate, make sure its contacting the right stuff.....
  18. Depending on what features that it would offer above the standard reciever...... I would be interested....
  19. I duracoated mine, bead blasted the barrel and all, left the internals in, masked off the general area and all openings.... it worked good I actually hung the gun by the barrel with some hay twine and tied it to the top of a door frame, the knot masked off the opening for the barrel, the other end got some shop rags stuffed in it.... also, bead blasting the bolt carrier really smoothed the action out....
  20. Edit: I didn't read the post close enough and my advice no longer helps.... I defer to the advice given below
  21. I have a CAA Ergo grip with the interchangable grip and swell..... took a little bit of filing to make it fit JUST RIGHT, but I really like it and was able to custom fit it to my hand.... I know that I'll be using the same grip when I do my 223......
  22. try the red star arms adjustable trigger...... badass unit
  23. no problem, thats why I'm tryin to get everything lined out. I believe the mags that I have for it already are Galil's.... I already have the bullet guide put in to use those (had to file on them a little as well to get them to fully lock in)
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