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  1. Cncwarrior.com is probably where you saw it. I'm still trying to decide on the FH, but I may just go with a 74-style brake.
  2. Saw an un-converted Saiga .308 for $2k on ARFCOM not too long ago. Such BS. On topic: if I were going to buy a flash-hider for my M85, what threads would be under this circular piece?
  3. There's a company that makes a rail piece for the top cover but I don't remember who does it... I'm wanting to go that route with that handguard, AZG. Does it work well? It's only like, $55.
  4. That Echo 93 sling mount fixes all my concerns. Thanks! ETA: Did you guys need to use a longer pistol grip screw than factory-issue with that Magpul grip?
  5. Here it is: Wait, wrong one. Here you go: I haven't had the opportunity to do anything to it yet but it's comin'. First I plan on getting a Sigbrace while I figure out the best way to SBR, next is replacing the front handguards and then getting a light. Sometime after that I want to get a red-dot mounted.
  6. I just got mine too! But I got the stock version without the adapter. There is a bunch I want to do with it, and it's such a nice shooter!
  7. Nah, he was very great about everything, He's only charging me for the 5.45 build and nothing else he's done. And yes, I still want a 5.56 but right now my gun locker could use this Bulgarian beast.
  8. It was my only option when all the 5.56 AK rifles dried up when Obama was re-elected... Now they're frickin' everywhere and I'm like, "shit."
  9. Well, it looks like I'm in the market for a 5.45 barrel to complete this rifle. Anyone know of a cheap one? $100 is a bit much, considering I saw them for much less way back.
  10. Don't worry, I'm feeling that I should have bought one new by now, but I'm too committed at this point. It appears someone in the shop took too much off the trunnion so he's looking for another without any luck. He's put it on the shelf until he can locate one, which is why he sent me the email. I have bought a different bolt and carrier to make this all work, now I need a new trunnion. You're saying a standard 7.62 AKM trunnion will work, if the correct bullet guide is installed?
  11. So my AK builder has had my AK-74 kit that I wanted built into a 5.56 rifle for a little over 14 months and I need a 5.56 front trunnion for Bulgarian rifles. The barrel I gave him was 23mm but he said he could make it fit into a 22mm trunnion if he needed to. So if anyone can bail me out with a link, or PM me if they have a spare (this is NOT an ad) I'd be very grateful because I can't find these things anywhere (KVar, but they're out of stock). Thanks in advance, Jon
  12. FOUND. I've got this little project going on and I need a spare one. I think $15 shipped is the highest I'll go, but I can entertain offers. I need it to have the bulged out grip like this one, if possible:
  13. Ah, moving will do that. I hope you get it up and running soon, amigo.
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