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  1. He bought my 223, a gentleman of his word 100%! Bill
  2. Sorry, I want to sell the rifle with it. Thanks, tho! Bill
  3. You'll see from the pics why I say "semi" converted, but the trigger group has been left in the original position, just replaced by a modified Tapco G2 trigger group, purchased from BRG3. The wood stock is Honduran mahogany, also by BRG3. (Adding a few more details) The bullet guide is a Dinzag, the gas piston is a Tapco. I have replaced the stock sights with a Mojo, as illustrated. The rifle is in excellent condition, 922r compliant, and comes with three converted Saiga 10 rd. mags, a converted Orlite 30 rd. mag and 3 unconverted Orlites. I'm pretty sure I can locate the stock sights, and a side-mount (typical AK) scope mount to toss in, too! If, perchance, we do the deal face to face, I'll toss in a few boxes of .223 ammo, as well. http://www.geekplayground.com/SaigaSale.jpg http://www.geekplayground.com/SaigaMojo.jpg Asking $450 complete. S&H, plus your FFL fees, extra, of course. MO or Gunpal accepted (cash is OK for FTF, natch). Bill
  4. If you are good at taking instruction from video, and have or can borrow the rigs, SmartFlix rents instructional videos on TIG and MIG welding. Bill
  5. You might try Midway's Gunsmith Locater. Good luck! Bill
  6. OK, maybe it's not a problem, per se, but I just put the Mojo AKMC sights I got from Santy Claus on my Saiga. My problem is that in the standard configuration, micro-click rotated all the way anti-clockwise, I had to crank the front sight so far down to zero it, all I can see of the front sight is just the very tippy-tip! I ended up using the mid-point on the MC, but the front is still awfully low. I'm I just a putz, and broke something, or is this the way things work? TIA! Bill
  7. I knew they weren't Dillon products, but knowing what the "names" are helps me find the conversion/adaptation details a lot! Thanks! Bill
  8. Wow! Talk about timely! Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA just had an "American Rifleman Tip" on tapping just the other day! Like Larry said, "1/4 turn in, back it out, 1/4 turn further, back it out. And use plenty of oil!" Bill
  9. Anybody worked over any of the Bulgarian polymer mags I see at Dillon Precision to get them to fit Saigas? http://tinyurl.com/2bhogh (Always nice to have more resources, and not too spendy!) Bill
  10. Probably (never seen what it does to a .308), but there is a cheap, easy fix! http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=158002 Bill
  11. It was my understanding that to use any mag with a higher capacity than it was shipped with put me in violation of 922r, so I did the conversion. I may be wrong, tho Bill
  12. Wow! What is that bottom rifle? Nice cheek piece on the stock! Is that more of BRG3's work? And... does it shoot well enough to justify the cheek piece? (I'm starting to think about long range precision stuff, and was leaning toward an AR variant, but..... ) Bill PS... sorry for hijacking!
  13. That's one thing I really love about the shooting sports! Even folks at the top of their game are down-to-earth and willing to help you shoot well enough to beat them! Awesome pics! Bill
  14. This thread on AR15.COM covers it pretty well. I have the RCBS Rangemaster 750, but haven't done much reloading yet, so other than the search, my opinion is invalid. Bill
  15. My club is in my sig! Brazosland Pistoleros. I've campaigned once with my .223. It wasn't pretty (my fault) but a heckuva lot of fun! Bill
  16. Wow! Philosophy on a gun board! Seriously, good stuff! Bill
  17. I might be kinda prejudiced on this, but one of the awesome handcrafted wood sets by BattleRilfeG3 would be my pick! (And was!) Check out his work here! Bill
  18. Unfortunately, no. You still need to replace one imported part with a US-made part. The easiest, though not necessarily cheapest, would probably be the handguard or stock. The cheapest would probably be the custom Fire Control Group (in the stock configuration, the standard AK FCG's won't work.) This requires a fair amount of tedium working inside the rifle. It's not hard, just tedious keeping all those pesky springs and pins and wires in line! You can get all these things from forum member BattleRifleG3. I have done so and was very pleased with the results! Bill
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