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  1. I went with "JEG Trust," my initials, for mine. Wan't planning on needing to engrave anything, but now I probably will for an SBR. Glad I went with something short... jgillaspy
  2. I have one and I love it! Haven't fired it yet (too hot) but with the addition of the Timney trigger I think it will be awesome. I found one place that actually had them, in stock, for $199.99. But from what I've seen on several sites they should be available next week or so at prices of $150.00 or less. There were issues with the first batch of 10 rd magazines. That has been corrected, so expect to see them around the same time as the stocks. I did a search for the actual part numbers ans made it easier to find them. 10rd magazine - AA762R 02 Stick - AA9130 I like the fact that
  3. Very nice. You guys are gonna be a one-stop-shop shortly... Do you have the full FCG yet? jgillaspy
  4. By itself - http://www.toothandnailarmory.com/product/TN031.html jgillaspy
  5. Good use for a laptop bag...
  6. Sorry, I was venting my frustration. ​ I have already ruined one PNG by over tightening the set screw and in the process of drilling it out, ruined my tube. I really looked long and hard at the Salem 6 adapter since it uses a locking plate, although proprietary. I just looked at the little pin they use to index it and thought that would be an issue later on. I really do want to get one of these, so I am looking forward to Nanci or whomever calling ,me to complete the order. jgillaspy
  7. Real hard to call when the phone is off and the mailbox is full... I'll try sending an email from the site. jgillaspy
  8. Check out the H&K-style rail sights. Still may catch on stuff, but are relatively low profile. jgillaspy
  9. True, but they must be accounted for. If you put a foreign-made stock on your tube, you would increase the foreign parts count. Again, my point was to be careful. The issue is people aren't as careful with the origin of parts when putting them on an AR, so origin often goes unnoticed. JG
  10. Let's begin with the list of parts. the best we've found to date was in the following post: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/78652-atf-rules-there-are-14-922r-parts-on-the-akdal/ Bear in mind this list doesn't include the stock or pistol grip since they were counted with the receiver (all one part). Once you modify the firearm to accept those pieces, the parts count increases to 16. Also remember that the 922r game is one of subtraction, not addition. Carolina Shooters Supply (a business member here) probably has the best selection of any one place. Tooth and Nail Armory
  11. Very nice! The knurling looks rather sharp. How rough is it?
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