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  1. Just curious where your getting this information. It would seem that Arsenal would be subject to the same importation restrictions as all other US manufactures. It was my understanding they Arsenal Las Vegas was purchasing sporterized Saigas and then doing the deed. Interesting post! According to the official vendor's website, it is classified as an "import." I do vaguely recall some process being done in Las Vegas - either the conversion, or simply the sales. I'm a little hazy as to the specifics.
  2. I've been debating between the two as well, after reading this thread...the SLR sounds fantastic but I can't find any near me or on GunsAmerica.com . My Saiga conversion plans will probably run the same, or a bit lower; I'm going to get the Intrafuse buttstock/grip and handguard, and a 30rd SureFire mag, and possibly change out the sights. Saiga+Intrafuse+Mag = about $630, add sights change and it's $670-715. In the end, I guess it boils down to: Is there a huge quality difference between a converted Saiga and an SLR?
  3. Thanks for the help Liberty, will do .
  4. Hello, I'm new here and sorry if this is a noob question. I was wondering what sights you would recommend for the Saiga .223? I actually don't own a Saiga right now (LOL) but haven't heard many good things about the factory sights. I was looking at the Krebs Custom AK rear sight (http://www.krebscust...ikovParts.shtml) and HiViz front sight (http://store.carolin...47-SAIGA/Detail). Are those any good, and will they work together? If not, would you have any other good suggestions? Thanks in advance. NW_Gun_Nut
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