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  1. I love the skeletonized design!! Depending on the price I might have to splurge for one.
  2. From what I have read the the barrel is not thick enough but you can get a Cadiz gun works adapter and thread on any saiga break you want.
  3. KIRCH76

    Mka drum

    Nice! Good luck on your project and Thanks for your input
  4. KIRCH76

    Mka drum

    No the feedlips from the mka mag will keep the shells in... I'll have to use a couple dummy rounds to take up the space of the mka feed stack though. So this is how I can picture it. You have a saiga drum with the metal feed lips removed. And you have a mka mag cut down to a preferred length. Then you have an adapter that will rock and lock on to the drum and be welded to the bottom of the mka mag. So when using the drum on the mka the assembled unit stays together even when loading. So you put 2-4 dummy rounds in first then load the live rounds... On the last round the dummy rounds will
  5. KIRCH76

    Mka drum

    The the steel feedlips come right off and can be reattached easy also
  6. KIRCH76

    Mka drum

    My idea was make an adapter somehow to snap on to the holding points of the drum. Kinda like the rock and lock method the saiga uses for the drum. Then weld the adapter to the mka mag then just rock and lock the assembled mag and adapter to the drum. But not sure how I can make an adapter.... Or if the adapter is made of plastic jb weld it to the steel mka mag.. But in the end the drum could be reused for the saiga 12 if needed..
  7. KIRCH76

    Mka drum

    So I have a promag 20 round saiga 12 drum laying around and no saiga 12 to use it in. But I do have an mka and spare mags. Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to mate the 2 together? Pictures and videos would be nice also.
  8. Thanks for the inquiry! We are doing some final testing and are ramping upfor production. It's looking like about a five to six before we can ship parts. Our plan isto retail the lower and all the parts listed at $349.00 plus $25 shippingand handling. But, since we are introducing this as a new product, we wouldlike to sell the first twenty-five lowers at an introductory rate of $299.00plus $25 shipping and handling. If you do purchase a lower at theintroductory rate, we would like to have your feedback on what you think ofthe product in the form of a questionnaire that we will send with
  9. It doesn't come with the shorty guide rod? They don't even have the shorty guide rod for sale on the site....
  10. To me a shotgun with some weight is not a bad thing. I love my full length lvl 10 t&n. I got it when matt first came out with them wish they would have had the shortys then cause I would have gotten that instead
  11. Yep fit and finish ofor the t&n is good for me
  12. Wow hk with a mag loaded backwards.... Quality.... Pure quality
  13. He could easily have a trigger hammer disconnecter and piston and you can't tell by those pics
  14. Nice job Steve! I wish I had the talent to make stuff like that. Until then I guess I'll pay the big bucks to have someone else make it...
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