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  1. I'm about to find out when I order one tomorrow lol
  2. Maybe that wasn't the cops -- what if Obama shot that car up with a drone ? LOL Osama O'Bama now can kill whoever he wants and that clearly looks like a drone "attack". Shit that picture is crazy and it's even crazier the news isn't covering this -- I haven't read up on this "story" yet but I'm sure it had to do with some corruption shit involving a bunch of morons (LAPD) and one moron going nuts and on a GTA rampage. Our country is going down the drain fast were already down the toilet.
  3. I don't have time or patientce to fit this mag ... my saiga just doesn't like these circle 10's .... Hopefuly someone can give this thing a good home to a rifle that likes it . 223 30rd $35 shipped
  4. Guys if tapco galil's fit with no issues .. should 35rd steel galil's be ok ?
  5. Okay now after more grinding it clicks in ... It's tight but I can move it (wobble) if I try (it's not a holy shit this is tight) ... It's more secure then my favorite tapcos . But after all the grinding I did everywhere (I filed down the rear above the lug on back of mag to where it's flat per dinzags instructions) I'm paranoid that I couldn't have done this properly.
  6. I guess you guys canned the .40 ?
  7. Figures , but damn I need to find one even if Invloved getting raped. That thing is the mag of all mags
  8. Thanks man I think I need to get a better thing to file those metal parts on the lip down ... Can sandpaper do it ? Like 60 grit ? I think my problem is my grinding wheel(some big wheel thing it's not as coarse as the dremel tips) isn't strong enough to get that metal down so should I get sandpaper ? I see exactly what your talking about and you've helped me a lot and once again I appreciate it !!
  9. I'm just worried if I shaved too much off the back or screwed it up ... Don't wanna have a 5.56 green tip KB lol How do I take the baseplate off the mag and get all the shit out of it ?
  10. Ok well after reading your post I feel better ! I just spent another hour on it and right where you told me ... I was still having no luck so right when I was about to throw in the towel I did one more run and got her to lock in !!! It wasn't a firm lock in like my other mags , it's very tight and the lock in isn't very pronounced but that sucker is in there tight as hell here's my pics what do you think ?
  11. Yeah I was girding the front feed lips ... Im going to try and finish it tomorrow. So I need to make sure the lips aren't contacting the circled area correct ? Thanks for the help by the way man .
  12. Just saw a pic of one ... where can I get this thing it looks like a beast !!'
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