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    Guns, shooting guns, working on guns........basically anything that has to do with guns!!!!!!!!
  1. It's more like mass effect in regards to being an RPG but it is open world and you can explore everything.
  2. The game is kind of like world of Warcraft but it a third person shooter. It's really fun and massive. It gets crazy when you get a hind people or more all fighting together but it still has a few bugs and twicks they need to take care of and it seems like the are working hard at it. It's one of those games that you can spend hours on and not even get into any of the missions. I would suggest this game to anyone.
  3. I got the game and its badass. It is huge and online only. You can play with up to 10,000+ people. Another cool thing is that the game influences the show and the show influences the game. It's a pretty cool idea on their part
  4. Are you willing to sell the auto plug separately? If so how much?
  5. You can look at it that way. Or you can look at it as Petty Officer Kyle shining a light on the service of all. One of the biggest problems we have in the country is that the general population lives their selfish lives with no awareness of the sacrifices our men and women are making every day. BTW, it might be viewed as somewhat hypocritical for a dude that uses his veteran status as his user name to point a finger at another vet and accuse him of using his veteran status as a "sellout". +1 Well said. How soon we forget what the few like Kyle have done for the many. I hope before
  6. I would contact a local ATF office in your state, and ask them! Thanks I will try that. Anyone else know anything about starting one?
  7. I'm currently a design engineer for a place that does engineered tube bends for places like caterpillar and cummins. I started out as a welder and a fabricator and got tired of working my butt off. So I got the bright idea of going back to school. Got my degree and and things looked promising for a little bit. Went from a shop guy to the engineering coordinator at my previous place in less than two years. Then the economy tanked, thinks went south and they closed my division. Started this new job making a lot less and now I struggle to make the payments for the education that was suppose to ma
  8. Can someone post a link to a site that I can submit a letter disapproving of the pending ban as he talks about in the video.
  9. I agree, cod does not make the guns what they should be. I've been using the s12 on the game and it works pretty good but not nearly as good as it should. I still like the game but am a little disappointed.
  10. You can get a longer barrel for it which helps. I been destroying people with it. Sorry didn't realize you already posted this.
  11. Just picked up the new black ops 2 and seen that the saiga 12 is finally in a sweet game. Haven't got to use it yet but it looks sweet. Good to see it getting the recognition it deserves , as far as games go. Sorry if someone else has already posted this, I didn't check as I was to pumped and this was the first thing I thought of doing.
  12. How's that saying go?........I came into to this world kicking and screaming with someone else's blood on me and I am not afraid to leave the same way.
  13. Lol that's awesome. By the way Tracy, congrats. I too am a new saiga 12 owner. Only have had mine for a little over four months. Bought a base model and added a few things and I love it. I have more things I want to do to it then I have money but I will get ther slowly. If you care to see my progress check out the picks in my gallery......welcome to the group.
  14. 1911 all the way....maybe hard to carry but I don't care. As long I can cover it with my shirt I'm good. Also don't care if you can see it under my shirt or not. I wouldn't carry anything else.
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