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  1. I have looked all over and cannot find a good number "how much they are worth per magazine" for a SAIGA 20x76 5 round magazine. Anyone?
  2. Hell if he can't get a job because of this, I would demand some advertisement money from Kel-Tec :/
  3. Are those flame thrower anti carjacking retrofit things still legal to put on your vehicle? I am sure he is pretty sketched and it is not real funny especially to him but if I was a walking target some serious lifestyle modifications would be taking place. I am surprised he doesn't have his own armed entourage with him. Waiting on the 1 year interview to see how he has adjusted. I think this will smolder down soon enough.
  4. Has the ringing started yet? Yep and it sucks ass! The only thing that helps is Benzodiazepines or like Dramamine. Then when you want to stop taking those the ringing is 1000 times worse. I was so stupid with the damn giant stereo speakers. They were about 4 inches from the back of my neck in a Honda from 1993-1996. Then I just downgraded a little for the next 10 years. I have to have background noise to sleep. Then when I am trying to concentrate I can't hear shit with background noise. But I can hear heart tones and lung sounds very well with my stethoscope. Then sometimes I can't hear
  5. I guess one can always spray some of that bed liner like stuff on your Glock if you just refuse to wash the KFC off your hands I have a few different size pistols and I won't carry the 1911 unless I am open carrying and I vary rarely do that. I didn't buy the G17 for conceal either. So that leaves me with a couple .380's. I carry my Kel Tec .380 always and keep a full sized pistol in the vehicle. I know weight alone should not dictate your carry piece but this is the deep south and its hot... I just don't wear conceal friendly clothing for the heavier pistols. But it is getting kinda sket
  6. Oh yeah it does have a good blue job then. I suck at gun blue products... I do think the rotary wire brush is great for removing paint. I guess if it scores anywhere you can buff it... You will need to have it really clean or blue will not do well at all. Good luck.
  7. I just don't want to be part of a racial discussion right now, if that's for me... If not, I like big boobs
  8. I second Since you have posted it so much I am going to say "no offense," that rifle actually does nothing for me. Take all that crap off it, I will accept the AR adapter and the scope "barely." But hey, different strokes for different folks... Think you should have kept this to yourself , Chief . But I didn't... Chief. I could have kept it to myself but I am sure he is a big boy and is not worried about what I think.
  9. I painted a Saiga .308 real quick for a sale one time. I hit it with a wire brush on the drill "high speed." Dremmel sanding disc for the final touches. I don't think you even need to take all the old paint off just give it a good rough clean surface. But, I took mine down to the bare metal. Then hit it with brake cleaner, heated it in the stove to bleed out grease and oil and hit it again with brake cleaner, "at least a half a can nearly a whole can each time." Then I used Rustoleum Black Appliance Epoxy spray paint on a warmed gun and warmed paint. Just hung it up and hit it with short strok
  10. You mean other than the "racial crap" you bring there-- right? I'm not sure what you are asking me??? I don't bring racial crap anywhere. I'm just not a coward that claims to be not racist because I know a few blacks and even have a few black friends. I so love the "I'm not racist, I have black friends" Whoop-de-fucking-doo. If you are trying to embarass me for being racist, good luck. Quite honestly, I'm not even sure I'd consider myself as much a racist as I would a realist. Meh, I had a good take on it and not too "over the line.." I'll just delete my 2 pennies.
  11. I bought one of those 3 point locking $100 sheet steel 10 gun lockers from Wal Mart back in like 07. I had about 20 guns in there staggered muzzle down then up to fit and the lock got jammed. It had a weak ass brass "coated" key that immediately broke off in the lock. One of the guns or slings was caught around the bottom latch of the lock. It wouldn't move even after I pried it off the wall and sorta tilted it to try freeing it up. So it took me a dremmel tool with reinforced cutting disc to make long incisions at the top and bottom corners and a sharp pry bar to pop that thing open. It defia
  12. Bonnethead... LMAO! Ya know the DI Sea Lab has a $50.00 bounty on Bonnetheads right now, they need'em for some sort of research. I really can't tell the difference and there is absolutely no reason it couldn't be a hammer but it sure looks like a Bonnethead to me Growing up fishing down there every summer I would be quickly be corrected by the local when I referred to the Gulf as "the ocean" and a Bonnethead as a "hammerhead." Didn't matter, it was a Bonnethead! lol... Anyway I ain't never pulled anything that big out surf fishing! Really cool man! Hell I have never considered putting
  13. Bonnethead... LMAO! Ya know the DI Sea Lab has a $50.00 bounty on Bonnetheads right now, they need'em for some sort of research. If it was a nice big Bonnethead, it would have been harvested, they are good eating. Just a whatever kind of cool story... One of my longest customers when I was personal training out of college. I had an old retired PhD fellow from UA that actually was one of the founders of DI Sea Lab. He was full of neat shit about living in the first underwater habitat that has now been moved down the panhandle somewhere but just full of cool ass diving stories etc...
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