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  1. I have been looking for a .223 Saiga for a while, but all the places I have found are either out of stock or more expensive than a VEPR. Anyone know what is going on? Also, I saw a thread that said check the front page for deals on Saigas, but I only see stuff about accessories... am I missing something?
  2. Has anyone tried to put a Kushnapup stock on a VEPR rifle? I just emailed Kushnapup and they said it may require some modification, so I am wondering what the difference is between a VEPR and a Saiga besides the receiver being a little thicker....
  3. Looks like this will not work with the integrated sights on the VEPR 2, right?
  4. Looking for a synthetic thumb-hole stock with preferably a shorter length of pull. Something like this that would either fit on a vepr slant cut receiver or with an adapter: Adapter: http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-1513/VEPR-Wood-Stock-Adapter/Detail Anyone have any ideas?
  5. os2firefox

    How do I take care of a wooden stock?

    These look nice, thanks for the heads up!
  6. os2firefox

    How do I take care of a wooden stock?

    Hmm, any ideas who sells these? I'm not seeing just synthetic stocks for sale.
  7. I just got a hold of a VEPR with a wooden stock and I was wondering how to take care of it... I am planning to use it for hunting fairly close to the ocean.
  8. os2firefox

    Vepr Version 02 .308 Rifle

    Ah, that was just my failed attempt at being funny.
  9. os2firefox

    Vepr Version 02 .308 Rifle

    Ah, darn it.. I bought one. Hopefully the 16" is easier to carry around the woods for hunting..
  10. os2firefox

    Vepr Version 02 .308 Rifle

    Do you guys think that the 16" barrel is too short for this rifle/caliber?
  11. Does the AK or VEPR do well in rain or will it start rusting immediately? I was looking at buying a Remington XCR (treated stainless steel), but just found out that there are a bunch of VEPRs out for sale around my area. I was wondering how they do in harsh/wet environments.... From what I've read, they have some sort of anti-corrosive finish. How easy is it to scratch and repair? Also, how does the wood stock hold up on the veprs?