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  1. Tapco G2 FCG w/ Ram trigger guard from Dinzag Aluminum Forend from CSS Mako pistol grip, recoil reducing butt stock, and front grip/bipod 20 round metal magazines from CSSpecs BP02 standard side mount from Kalinka Leapers 4-16x 42 scope from Optics Planet M60 FH from Sarco Moved the FSB back myself thanks to this thread: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/75571-my-saiga-308-bbl-threading-experience/ Threaded the .660/.670 barrel to 5/8-24 with tools from Dinzag and the help of this thread: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/74910-threading-a-670-muzzle-for-58-24
  2. Well, after a rough start, I got my .660 / .670 barrel threaded to 5/8 - 24. The M60 FH fits perfect and looks great. A big thanks to everyone on this thread, especially those who answered my questions. For anyone doing this for the first time, I can't emphasize enough how important it is to back out at least 2 or 3 times the distance every time you thread forward in order to break off the chips and clean out the threads. Also use lots of cutting fluid, I used Ballistol, and it worked great. Personally I didn't like threading the barrel in a horizontal position, and put the r
  3. I ended up making a home made press out of some big c clamps and a 2x4. I bent the crap out of a bunch of bar stock doing it, and whacked the hell out of the FSB but it finally came off. I just hope my barrel is still straight hahahaha.
  4. 10 4 Thanks for the info. Any suggestions for how to set it up ie: little corrections or ways to aim slightly off or just zero it in as if it were aligned dead center? Thanks! P.S. - I love your profile pic/video. Awesome
  5. I'm on my 2nd scope mount that sits too far to the right. My most recent try is the Kalika BP02 and it sits .2 inches to the right of dead center. Is this normal? I would think you would want your scope as close to dead center of the barrel as possible. .2 inches is a little too much to adjust with metal shims in the two places where the screws attach the upper part of the mount to the lower part of the mount. My receiver measures anywhere from 1.37 inches wide to 1.42 inches wide, depending on where I measure. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  6. The Samson Leaf Sight rail might be useful for the Kpup:
  7. Thanks fellas. Something like that was my next move, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to ruin anything.
  8. After removing and pushing back the front sight block off of a Saiga .308, I figured I was smart enough to fix the canted sight on my Century Arms milled receiver Polish AKM 60. Apparently not that easy. I took out the pins and bashed away at it with a soft mallet but the sucker won't move. Any chance these are threaded on? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  9. It looks like TufForce won't stand behind their product, and I don't recommend buying it. To make it work I'll have to drill and tap some new screw holes, but it doesn't attach to the scope rail very snug unless you really crank down the screws, which makes me feel like they will strip. Going to order a Kalinka standard.
  10. Alright, after moving my sight block and reading this post concerning threading a .670 barrel to 5/8-24, I have decided to give it a whirl so I can thread on an M60 flash hider. I just wanted to double check with you all to see if you think it will work before the tools get here from Dinzag. I haven't seen anyone mention this configuration on a .308. Mine has a .660" OD to start, then steps up to .670" at .400" up the barrel. Anyone think I shouldn't do it? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  11. Thanks for this post. It made me brave enough to just go ahead and do mine. I was going to send it out, but after reading this post I went for it with the little dremel sanding wheel. I needed to bore the back .45" out an additional .025". I went slow and measured many times. Pounded it back on with a rubber mallet, re-set the original pins, and viola! Of course I also fixed the slight cant of the factory front sight install. Thanks again! I saved a little cash and now feel smart enough to fix the cant on the front sight of my other AK.
  12. I haven't decided on a scope yet. Probably something in the 6x to 10x range. Update on the mount. It sits 1/4 or more too far to the right. I wrote to TufForce to inquire about returning it. Haven't heard back yet. If they won't take it back I might just drill and tap some new holes and make it fit.
  13. Thanks, I appreciate the input. I'll keep the Belarus mount in mind. I do have an adjustable cheek piece on my stock, and I'm hoping to be able to switch quickly and easily between scope and irons. I'll definitely make sure it all is comfortable and makes sense. That's the fun with these projects, you get to tinker and experiment.
  14. I literally laughed out loud, and it's 12:30 am, oops. That is AWESOME hahahahaha!
  15. I don't have any plans to mount anything on the side, I'll probably cover it up with aTapco rail cover if it presents a problem. Alot of the other AK side scope mounts have rails on the side anyway so I figured an aluminum one that is adjustable so that I can see my iron sights as well seems worth a little extra weight. I mean, it is an AK .308. It's gonna be heavy. In a perfect world there would be a store with barrels and bins of AK side scope mounts everywhere and I could go in and fit the right one to my gun like buying shoes, but alas I have to shop for it online.
  16. My good friend, ex-LEO who knows his guns, researched the Sig model, asked our local gun shop owner/gun guru what he thought, and then picked up the Sig. Aparently it is a good mil-spec gun that shoots 5.56 for a good price. I don't know shit about AR's but I thought it was well made and shot great. I highly doubt my friend has bought a junk gun. Of course this doesn't change the fact that I really don't like WalMart and only go there to buy cheap plink ammo.
  17. It seemed pretty solid in the video and does slide on from the back. Yes, lots of locktite. Will report when I get a scope on it and shoot it.
  18. Not sure about the MechTech 10mm kits but the 9mm kits could only shoot +p loads, that and the fact that you have to take apart one of your handguns to build it turned me off from the MechTech.
  19. Thureon Defense makes pistol caliber carbines that accept Glock magazines in10mm, 9mm, .40 S&W, .45ACp, & .357 sig. I have one in 9mm and it's a hoot! http://www.thureondefense.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1&Itemid=4 Here's a couple of photos of mine: They are not that well known but I am very impressed with the firearm and their customer service is great.
  20. I've been looking around for an AK side mount that I can also use with my iron sights without removing it. I just found this thing and ordered it as it was only $40. Has anyone used this? http://www.tufforce....Side_Mount.html
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