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  1. Converted Saiga 12 with 12" barrel. Before you contact me be aware that this is a NFA regulated item. If you know the process of NFA Skip the next paragragh. It will have to be transferred to you on a form 4 through the ATF at the price of $200 for the Tax Stamp. The transfer will take about 3-4 months. If local we can do it between individuals or we can use a FFL. Using an FFL will cost and additional $75. The barrel has been cut down to 12" and rethreaded. It has a Carolina Shooters Supply foreend and recoil spring, Ace Skeleton Stock with Ace push button folder. It locks up tight. It has
  2. The one from Jan 1st I posted earlier was approved 2/7. I efiled on 1/26 it took 56 days.
  3. My 12" with Ace folder and Mississippi Arms thread protector installed.
  4. eform1 36 days eform1 34 days eform1 filed Jan 1 2015 pending
  5. Send paypal to Hondatrx450racer@aol.com Send it tonight and I will ship I the am. Thanks
  6. Sold For Sale the tools to thread a Saiga 12 or Vepr 12 barrel. Included is the die 22mm x .75, die handle, thread alignment tool and thread cutting oil. I received them today from Carolina Shooters Supply and threaded my Saiga 12 barrel. Now they are for sale. Everything is $98 shipped. Sell all for $60 picked up. $70 shipped USPS Priority Mail. I will accept PayPal. Located in West Palm Beach FL Call or text anytime 561-248-8174 Thanks
  7. Honda Magna. V4 cruise with sport bike like power. Mine. 2001 Magna a lot of custom work 1987 Super Magna totally stock
  8. http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=460890569
  9. I have a trust. I did a paper form1 right before they came back online it took 4 months and 6 days. I did an eform1 on Sept 23 I got it back in 36 days.
  10. That's exactly how long mine took.
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