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  1. Maybe the extractor drops the shell after the shell contacts the ejector. Maybe the extractor doesn't have a good grip on the shell.
  2. The dent might be made by the bolt after the shell fails to eject. The shell is wedged between the bolt and barrel, and the bolt hits the side of the shell putting a dent in it. I have seen dents from the bolt on unfired rounds that fail to feed into the chamber after being stripped from the magazine.
  3. Anybody put a suppressor on a Vepr 308? What all needs to be done to mount the suppressor? What is the end results? Is the rifle way overgassed as a result? Etc?
  4. Hard to say. I don't know if Veprs are that popular. True that the square-backs are a little rare, but I'm not sure that translates to being worth more. There are lots of rifles in 308 that are more popular than Veprs. There are some new slant-backs that just came back in stock going for $1,000.00. If you get $800.00 for yours, you are probably doing good. This time next year when Veprs have been off the market for some time, you will probably do better.
  5. When I started this thread about 3 years ago, I put myself on the waiting list for Golden Tiger ammo at SGAmmo. Well, SGAmmo finally got some in: http://www.sgammo.com/product/golden-tiger/200-round-pack-545x39-fmj-59-grain-golden-tiger-non-corrosive-new-production-am I couldn't wait 3 years. I sold my 5.45 rifles about 2 1/2 years ago.
  6. This image was taken off the Ak Operators Union, Local 47-74 Youtube video "Breaking Magpul AK Furniture." They drove over the buttstock with a car while the buttstock was in the folded position. I am not sure any buttstock could survive this, but the picture of the broken buttstock reveals how little amount of plastic holds the buttstock together.
  7. If frozen, yes. It's plastic. Freezing is one way to break it. I am sure there are probably many more ways to break it. I have no confidence in it.
  8. Zhukov stock = POS http://www.ar15.com/forums/t_4_64/161072_Magpul_Zhukov_stock_fail_.html
  9. I would like to upgrade the sight leaf on my saiga .223. Since the Vepr sight leaf is windage adjustable, I was thinking it might make a good upgrade for the Saiga. Will the Vepr sight leaf fit the Saiga? Will the Vepr sight leaf improve the sight picture of the Saiga?
  10. I just got a Circle 10 mag. Fits perfect. As stated, only the mag catch on the rifle needs to be filed to allow the mag to lock in. Compared to the Circle 10 mag, the M85 and Steel Galil mags are about 0.060" inches too fat along the sides where the feed lips are. It could be possible to use a belt sander or something to take off 0.030" on each side. It might be that the mags survive through this, but there might be other issues. The front trunnion on the Vepr does not appear it would reach the top-front of the Steel Galil mag to help lock it in place. This may not be an issue with th
  11. From my first-hand observations, M85 mags and Steel Galil mags are very similar to each other and appear to be based on the AK47 magwell. Modifying them to fit the Vepr, whose magwell appears to be based on the AK74 magwell, appears to impractical or impossible. Among probably other places on the mags, a whole lot of metal on the sides of the mags, where the feed lips are, would have to be removed in an attempt to make the mags fit. The mags probably would not survive through the process. After taking a good look at the Vepr, I don't see modifying the magwell to fit M85 or Steel Gali
  12. I prefer steel mags and a better price. Steel reinforced polymer at $50 each does not seem like a good investment.
  13. Atlantic is charging $35 for an M85 mag. Last time I looked (over a year ago), they were half that price. Not sure if it was Atlantic who had them then. Looks like Cope's has them for $25. CDNN Sports has them for $13.
  14. Steel Galil mags are too fat for the magwell. 5.45 mags fit perfect in the Vepr .223 Modifying M85 mags sounds good. Anybody done it or know how to do it? Thanks.
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