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  1. I have 2 7.62x39 and 1 223 that have the lowers converted and I'd like to convert the upper. My gunsmith is going to do most of the work but I need to get him the parts. Hopefully some people here have extras sitting around and see this. Need Bulgy Front sights/ gas blocks/ handguard retainer. Do I need a rear sight block replacement and which one do I get, am I missing anything else? Thanks!
  2. ak47guy81

    Arsenal SGL 12-61

    Thanks, I just checked out fimes website, they're not listing any extra information but its good to know. What's the issue with the reliability kit? I'd like to take this out and let friends shoot it without breaking the bank but not at the expense of real reliability.
  3. ak47guy81

    Arsenal SGL 12-61

    I was checking out kvars website last night and came across the sgl12-61, it's the exact fit and finish as my sgl21-61 so I had to have it, I found one cheaper on another website(no pictures of it) and ordered it for about $920. There's not much info available on the sgl12, I found nothing on Arsenals website. I plan on adding a reliability kit to shoot low brass, krebs ghost rings sights, tromix folding stock and shortening the barrel and welding on a brake (I might go NFA with this one). If anyone has any recommendations or suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it, I can't even find pictures of this gun outside of Kvars website.
  4. Maybe the government was so happy with Mikes drums they took him to the white house to meet the president! Hypothetical conversation that may explain MD arms vanishing into thin air... Mike- "Great to meet you mr president, golly gee I'm so excited to be here. I brought a drum I built just for you" obama- "You didn't build that!" Mike- "Yeah... my mistake mr president, you have to forgive me, I'm just excited our military is adopting the saiga platform for its drones." obama- "The military doesn't buy non US ordnance Mike, these drums are for DHS, we're going to equip every drone we've got with this lethal russian shotgun, if any of our subjects get out of line they'll be hunted down and killed! How soon can you get us 30,000 drums Mike?" Mike- "That sounds horrible but to answer your question at least 5 years mr president" obama- "You'll have plenty of time after my re-election, as soon as that clears I'm banning the shotgun you adore so much as well as all other semi-autos for all my american subjects! Only my drones and my army of muslim child soldiers may possess them, they're too powerful Mike." Mike- "I don't think I want any part of this mr president, people should have the right to defend themselves." obama- "People don't defend themselves, thats why we have government! You have no choice Mike, I must disarm Americans in preparation for the muslim invasion, we're all in this together." Mike- "This is insanity, what you're proposing makes no sense!" obama- "That's because you don't think like a dictator Mike, Soros is doing the same thing for me that he did for Hitler and his Nazis. I'm taking over the world Mike and freedom has to die first then the rest will fall into place. Your drums are a big part of this Mike." Mike- "I refuse, I'm too patriotic to be a part of this." obama- "That's why we have the patriot act mike, so we can quickly and quietly get rid of patriots like you." Mike- "I don't believe this." obama- "Believe it Mike, when we make legislation we make it sound the opposite of its intention, when we want to destroy the economy we do economic stimulous, when we want to destroy jobs we call it the create jobs bill. With the patriot act we can hold you indefinitely without charges or a trial, very unpatriotic isn't it Mike." Mike- "You can't do this, people will wonder where I went!" obama- "Yes they will Mike, yes they will. Take him away!! Muwahahahahaha If you read this and couldn't tell it was a joke then you might be fascist ,