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  1. Cartel


    Exactly the information I was needing. Thank you, gentlemen!
  2. Great information! Looking forward to my two MD Arms 20 round drums to arrive!
  3. Cartel


    Pardon my ignorance, but I am wanting to equip my V12 with a AimPoint T1 2 MOA red dot optic. Will the optic mount directly on the rail or is a mount needed? If so, any recommendations as to what mount I should opt for?
  4. Delightful news! Thank you for sharing this with us. I will be ordering at least one this evening.
  5. At last I had the opportunity to shoot my Vepr-12 for the first time today. In addition to running the SGM 12 round magazine(s). I ran 125 rounds of bird shot without a hiccup. What delight the Vepr-12 is when married to the SGM magazine. Happy customer all in all. From L to Right: Molot Vepr-12, Knight's Armament Company SR-15 MOD 1, + Knight's Armament Company SR-15 MOD 0.
  6. At this point, what other online retailers may we order these from?
  7. Ordered via CSS Saturday and they arrived to me today. Fitment is superb. Glad I ordered them then when they were available. Attempted to put in another order with CSS to no avail. And boom goes the dynamite ladies and gentlemen.
  8. Ordered mine Saturday, shipped today, and slated to arrive in 1-3 days. Therefore, it is likely as I was not apart of the pre-order. As a point of reference, my magazines were ordered via CSS.
  9. What stock was equipped in the video? Nevertheless, the video was stellar! Now in stock and shipping. And boom goes the dynamite! Looking forward to my shipment. Remember my friends, use the promotional code "CSS" for a 5% discount.
  10. I will use them for future purchases once the larger batches are sent out. For now, Atlantic Firearms will do. Thank you kindly!
  11. Looks like Christmas came early! Do you have any vendors in the Knoxville area that will be carrying these? Or Tennessee for that matter?
  12. Awesome! We had a similar range open in Nashville as well. They are fairing well to say the least! It has been an addition no short of great within our neighborhood and most importantly, our city. Sadly, I have yet to make use of the Vepr-12 and it was received 9 days ago.
  13. Cartel

    DPH vs ACE stocks

    Now this is awfully convincing! Although I am awfully partial to the ACE stock. Has anyone pulled the trigger on this conversion yet?
  14. Cartel

    Serial # Range

    Precisely the answer I was looking for! Thank you for your insight. I am in the manufacturing business and that is the exact way in which we operate. Per batches (lots) as we manufacturer under our label and private labels. Clarity is what I wanted and it was received Truth be told, I purchased the Vepr-12 as my Saiga-12 had a slim opportunity of receiving your conversion within the immediate future. Your work is impeccable! Thank you for the timely response, Tony. As am I my friend, as am I. Count me in. I will shoot you over my information via email here shortly. As well, wo
  15. Cartel

    Serial # Range

    Like myself and many others, we are all interested in the number of Vepr-12's that were imported (some more so than others). There is here say 1,000 were sent out within the first batch through various distributors. Is there such a way to quantify the number imported? Such as, by way of documenting serial numbers of rifles by those on the forums (at least enough to dictate a range )? At the end of the day, I am happy with my purchased and it has overshadowed my Saiga 12 tenfold. Fire away, my friends.
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