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  1. Short version: Will an East German AK74 bolt carrier work in a Saiga 556? I ordered a KNS adjustable gas piston but I don't have a drill press to drill the dimples on the carrier. Figured if I could find a carrier cheap enough I could install it in that and It would make it easy to go back for whatever reason. Found an East German AK74 carrier for $50 so I wanted to make sure it would work before ordering. If not, what carrier would work and does anyone have a source? I need one without a piston installed.
  2. I just ordered an ALG AKT to put in my WASR-10. On my Saiga .308 I ditched the BHO and a Tapco G2 FCG went right in no problems so I doubt any other trigger pack would be an issue. I may try putting the AKT in the Saiga and running out to the range, at the very least I'll install it in the gun at home and see if there's any issues without shooting it before moving it over to the WASR but there shouldn't be any issues.
  3. yup. I've never seen .308-specific instructions so I ordered stuff based on vids and whatnot for the x39/.223 rifles not knowing there was a difference in the triggers.
  4. I have not started the conversion yet. I'm not sure I trust the single tang screw to hold it. the ace block uses a tang screw and uses the pistol grip nut to hold the block in so that would be a better way to go IMHO. I would like to be able to take this rifle to a class or two and really beat on it without any trouble. CSS will give me full credit on an exchange so I was going to send it back and get the folding mechanism that I didn't order the first time. upon closer inspection with a flashlight I was wrong about the receiver plate going under the mag catch. that's a relief. when I
  5. Hey guys I was planning to do a conversion to my saiga .308 this weekend so I ordered the parts and I had ordered an internal stock adapter from CSS specific to saiga rifles that uses the rivet holes in the lower rear of the receiver. well I was looking at my rifle and I realized that it does not have those two rivets. now I have to send the block back. also while looking at this I noticed the plate that needs to be removed runs under the mag catch, which is not something I've noticed watching conversions on youtube. not a huge deal because I can carefully trim it behind the catch. is this how
  6. if my mosin M44 is a 10 then my import configuration saiga .308 is a 6 or 7. I just ran about 50 rounds through my saiga on sunday and my shoulder wasn't bad off. technique helps too.
  7. .30-06 saiga?!? DO WANT!!!
  8. I'm a fan of the .243 round and it would be neat to have an SVD clone in .243!
  9. I haven't seen one in person but if it mounts like a regular stock then you will need an m16 buffer tube to screw into the addapter
  10. I did, all I came up with were the mojo and tech sights but I was wondering what other options were out there. although I think I may have limited my search to the .308 forum. that may be why I didn't come up with much.
  11. so I got my saiga .308 a week ago and I know the factory sights are holding me back. I'm interested in hearing about my options for new iron sights and your guys' opinions of them.
  12. I'm going to add a US hand guard and will then be compliant. I was going to modify the factory mag to 10 rounds, maybe grab a couple more and then get a couple of 15's and see how I like 'em. and how does saying I didn't want a pistol grip imply anything other than I don't want a PG?
  13. LOL Thanks for the laugh, and the perfect response. found some better ones but I didn't want to be a TOTAL dick.
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