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  1. Dow's shed nearly 900 pts in the last 2 days. I think it's gonna get worse with a slight bounce. Wish I had some extra cash for coins. Need to concentrate on food supply and a shallow well with a hand pump.
  2. Sorry Darth. Thanks for the OP. I just wish I had more cash to act on it.
  3. Those look great Shotgun, and they're Tula. Local gun show wanted $50 used.
  4. I ordered some plums from Clint over there (not sure if he's on here). Great prices, look brand new.
  5. I've been getting silver for the last 5 years, but then started to convert a lot of it into gold for a few reasons. Gold is easier to move and store. I try to make sure it has collector value (pre-33 or slabbed stuff), staying with US coins if I can. You can handle the pre-33 coins and not worry about fingerprints or oxidation. Chase bank has already disallowed bullion and cash in the safe deposit boxes. But I also like silver because of the low gold to silver ratio, I think silver will come out ahead, but I hate the silver premiums.
  6. I'm glad to see they have them. I just recently got into bakes and plums. I love the NOS ones, but hate them too because I don't want to use them.
  7. I feel your pain DLT. I'm in the same boat with medical bills, slow work, and 3 kids in school and a wife in college. Contemplating selling my 91/30 Mosin, S12, and bastardized Norinco SKS. Hope I don't have to. Things will get better for you, don't give up.
  8. I didn't have an appreciation for it until this year. I love that show. I'm really surprised it's on the air. Archie doesn't have a problem using the word 'fags'
  9. You're going to start to see a harder persecution of the church, very soon. The pastors will be accused of hate speech for preaching against (insert your choice of sin here), especially against homosexuality. Just wait. Those that don't knuckle under will first lose their tax exempt status. Most modern churches have over-leveraged themselves due to the 'seeker church' movement in the last 20 years that has caused them to modernize with cafes and things that made people feel "comfortable". My church did. They owe millions in mortgages. Most churches cannot survive if they lose tax exempt
  10. SBRs have been legal here in Indiana for awhile. Now we're legalizing SBSs. They're also trying to get a quick online approval for suppressors, still pay for stamp, but no waiting. It sucks that the media doesn't know how to properly cover these things. They just like to use scary words. Still a great state for now
  11. Congrats and good luck. it's never too late. My dad quit smoking when he was 35 (20 years ago) and hasn't gone back. One day at a time.
  12. Like Darth said...it's not banned (yet ?), just hard to come by.
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