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  1. Hearing this reminds me not to buy another. I didn't have the patience for it and in the factory configuration was less fun to shoot than my pump guns IMHO.
  2. I let mine go for a song. I wanted to like it, but it wasn't reliable but with anything less than "stout" loads and in stock configuration it was too light to enjoy shooting. The saga of mine is posted on here. I think I spent over @$1k on it and I was happy to trade it for a basic PSA AR straight across. Do find myself lusting after a VEPR.
  3. Here in NC they are $7.97. I've tried several different brands and my XN only likes the AA or STS to run reliably. I've got factory spring, Tooth and Nail trigger group, and gas piston (for 922R). All have been fitted as well as the mags by my builder. I'm always experimenting with other cheaper loads to try and find something cheaper that will run reliably, but no luck so far. I bought mine used and have put @200 through it, so maybe it isn't even broken in yet. May try the reduced recoil spring.
  4. Okay, my guy fitted/adjusted the hammer and as long as I use AA or the like (1 1/4oz) it runs like a champ. Now I think I need a stock weight. One of my least favorite guns to shoot. Has anyone tried a recoil reducing stock on one of these?
  5. So is that caused by soft aluminum shells or a magazine feed lip issue? Is there any way to tell by looking at it if it has a low power spring? Thanks, Greg
  6. Ok, picked it up and tried several different loads. 1315 and 1350 birdshot seemed to fail to eject about every 3 or 4th round in the 5 and 10 round mag. 15 round of Remington sluggers ran fine. Even ran 5 rounds of reduced recoil buckshot. Seems like the problem is either a spent empty not extracting and/or a simultaneous double feed. I was told by previous owner that it had a reduced power recoil spring, but I'm thinking that it may not and that may be the problem. Could it be a bolt/ejector issue? It had a magpull BAD Lever on it, I've removed it to see if that helps. Also, once, when
  7. Congrats. So, I gotta ask, what's the difference between the Match and the XN? Thanks, GregB
  8. Well, after giving it another go with Winchester AA and some 1350 dove loads, It looks like the hammer isn't resetting/failing to feed next round. I'm sending it back to the builder and he's going to take another look. I appreciate all the advice on here. I hope to be able to pick it up at the Asheville Gun Show the weekend of October 10-11. Definitely a learning experience. Stay tuned. Is "kool aid" the Benelli? GregB
  9. Took the AKDAL to the range yesterday. Had 4 different loads of birdshot. 3 to 3 1/4 dram cheap stuff. Fired @10 rounds through it and it choked. Tried all three mags, all four loads. This is after it had @$325 worth of work done. Some of the work was replacing my broken lower with another polymer one, and replacing parts to make it 922 compliant and tuning the mags. I contacted my builder and he said "it ran fine with buckshot". I said "I thought we were tuning it to run birdshot". He replied "that's a lot more work and more money". I'm so ticked off and disgusted it's not funny. I'm
  10. Well according to UPS my rebuilt, 922 compliant 1919 is on it's way home and scheduled for delivery today. Only cost me @$385:( Looking forward to shooting the snot out of it. I'll give a range report ASAP. Hopefully, I'll be able to recommend the builder's work.... GregB
  11. Here in Western NC, i can get it from a couple of local shops for @.08 to .10 per round. Not stocking up, but do pick up some every now and then. GregB
  12. Well, as an update, the 1919 is in the process of being repaired and made to function, we'll see what the damage is and the verdict afterwards. What is this 20 round mag of which you speak? Also, how common is the drive block issue? I'm primarily using this as a "fun" gun for range use and maybe a side match at local IDPA match (if they'll let me shoot it, and just put my score at the bottom of the list, I'm cool with that). Thanks,
  13. It was my favorite hammer, but I'm not stupid, I hit the metal mag with the hammer not the polymer lower. Duh..(LOL) After removing tongue from cheek: Not sure I want to spend that much on it. Not much 3 gun around here. It'll primarily b a range gun. Good to know that you like the modified 1919 better than the Veper 12. Can you elaborate on why? GregB
  14. That's part of my issue, the entire lower split because it's freakin' plastic. Not willing to in invest in an aluminum replacement. If, IF, I rebuild this, it'll be with the stock/factory lower. GregB
  15. oops double post....
  16. I've got an AKDAL 1919XN that I'd been trying to get to run. I got one of the 5 rounders stuck in it. In a moment of frustration and anger I took a hammer to it. It's not stuck anymore, but I cracked/broke the polymer lower, no surprise. I've talked to Tooth and Nail and he's got a replacement lower and can fit the mags I couldn't get to run. It looks like it'll cost me @$200 to $250 to fix my mistake and have a running gun. I was wondering if you guys think it's worth it or should I sell if for parts and try a Vepr 12? If I part it out what do you think it'd bring in cash wise? Gre
  17. Thanks for the info, but mine's the skeletonized tapco side folder. Any suggestions for that one? Greg
  18. I don't even own an Akdal yet, and the main reason is the price of the only hi cap mag available. I'd be interested in at least two of these, would give me an excuse to buy an Akdal:) GregB
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