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  1. I use a Burris Fastfire II. R&R makes a mount that fits in the rear sight dovetail. Makes a very neat installation. I shoot numerous local 3 gun matches. Like any other competitive sport, you push your equipment. If you don't clean, oil and inspect after every match, you will have problems. I previously mounted a C-More red dot using the side mount. Very effective and reliable, but it looked clunky.
  2. Oldandslow is back, Steve Nunes was kind enough to take over the reins at CFRPC multigun match on the 4th Saturday of the month. Lucky for me, as I moved to California for a year and just returned in time for Steve to restart the match. As of right now, I am top eliminator. 71 years old. And, I wasn't the only shooter. Come out and beat the old guy... You can also shoot 22lr rifle or pistol, or pretty much any combination of guns you choose.
  3. oldandslow

    Bolt Stuck

    I have had the BHO stick in the up position many times. I just pull the trigger. It is released.
  4. I'm shooting a Bushmaster. I have had problems using aluminum magazines when reloading. I push them in, tap them on the bottom, push them in as hard as I can, pound on the bottom, pull the trigger, bang, then everybody behind me starts laughing. I'm too stupid to shoot till bolt lock and reload. The plastic magpuls slip in and stick. As an aside, my original Bushmaster (Bushmaster's being notorious for magazine fitting problems) had the notorious magazine fitting problem. The internet experts explained that you needed "special" Bushmaster magazines. Being stupid, I decided to measure the mag well opening. Gee, the Bushmaster was cut .890 inch wide. All of the blueprints I could find specified .900 wide. A call to Bushmaster got them to respond, that if I would send in the receiver, they would machine it correctly, using their "jig". I asked, why didn't they use the jig when they were manufacturing the gun? They didn't know. Sent the Bushmaster receiver in for "machining", got a new receiver with the correct measurements.
  5. A real 3 gun shooter showed up. I came in second again. Had a few bobbles, but would have come in second with a perfect match. I have started using the Magpul pmags in my AR. They are superior reloading. They stay in the magwell, unlike aluminum mags that typically pop out after the first shot. Great match. See you in January. Weewahootee, Florida. 4th Saturday.
  6. You need buttstock about $30 Pistol Grip about $15 Pistol Grip nut $10 trigger assembly $35 Reuse trigger guard removed during conversion Trigger pin plate $10 What's that, about $100? Plus shipping on each individual "best deal" found on the net. As noted above, conversion kit #2 $136 and only one shipping charge. I have to point out that the kit contains a "wire" trigger pin retainer, I prefer a plate pin retainer. (Called a Shepherd's Crook Retaining Plate.) Carolina has the SKU: SHOTGUNPLATE $8 A lot of the members like tacti-cool stuff, adding hundreds of dollars for what I consider extra weight. But, most of us are "mericans. It's our birthright.
  7. Sheesh, the young and fast kicked the old and slows ass. Came in third. We had 37 shooters at the Port Malabar 3-Gun match Saturday. For the first time in a long time, all of my guns worked perfectly. To win now, I'm going to have to take chances and shoot much faster. Jeff Framm, school teacher won.
  8. Saturday is Port Malabar 3 gun. I noticed that I can't spell reign correctly. I got a new Pmag coupler. Connects a 30 round to a 20 round for 50 rounds for my AR15. Gauged all of my 223 rounds. What can go wrong? Be there!!!
  9. Sure you do. You sell them... All I can say is, great work.
  10. Yaa hooo. Less than two weeks till the next 3 gun match at Port Malabar. My buddy, Mike, is coming with his Valdada IOR scoped AR. He is a much better shooter then I. It looks like my rein of terror is over. Come out and see. Or better yet, come out and put me in my place. Nobody is going to beat Mike.
  11. It just occurred to be that a thumbhole stock without the "thumbhole" would pass muster. You could also brag that Mass passed a "no thumbhole", "thumbhole like" illegal stock law named after you.
  12. We have about 100 pieces of steel available at the Port Malabar Florida 3 gun match. All of it is for pistol or shotgun. The average cost to replace a piece of steel is about $150. A resetable plate rack is $1600 (6 plates). We have acquired this stuff over a period of 15 years. A 5 stages shotgun match should have 150 rounds. About 100 pieces of steel, 20 slugs, 30 clays. You would probably spend $25000 for the steel, target stands, clay holders and throwers. (Unluckaly, some of the Florid gun clubs have closed, making available a lot of "free" steel, but most of it is pretty shot up.) We have been getting about 15 3-gun shooters lately, slowly building, was as low as 8. The Orlando club that shoots 3-gun gets about 40. The match fee is $15.
  13. There seems to be many posts with "FTE" which to some means "failure to extract", to others "FTE" means "failure to eject". I assume that most posters mean "failure to eject", also assuming that the extractor pulls the shotshell out, or partially out, of the chamber. Partially out because the bolt doesn't go back far enough. I am a simpleton, so I am curious if the bolt goes back as far as it should. My first thought is to put a piece of masking tape on the receiver to see. If I don't know how far back the bolt goes, any fix is a guess.
  14. Ouch.. 6 stages on Saturday. Great stages. Two shotgun stages. I did win the Wall of Steel 40. The Saiga worked flawlessly. The only gun to finish under par. Did come in second overall (again, I suck). First in open. I had 3 stages with gun malfunctions. My open pistol (A STI) had it's extractor bore filled with burned powder from not ever cleaning it. I didn't even know that could happen. Come on out next month.
  15. When I get my Obama $250 check for being on welf... I mean social security, I'll buy one. Cause, my wife gets a check too. Don't you love all of the freeloaders on the dole. Spending money on Saigas instead of buying food. Wait a second, I'm moving to Kalifornication. I can't have an evil rifle... fudge.
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