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  1. The main reason why I was interested in this was because my gun has been having failure to feed issues. I wasn't sure if maybe this could be the culprit and once I realized other people have converted their gun and elected not to put it the bolt lock back in I was curious to see if I took it out if this might correct my issue. Are there any advantages to leaving it in?
  2. According to the owner's manual that comes with an unconverted saiga 308, part #58 is the "bolt lock". It's the part inside the receiver to the right of the hammer and spring that also protrudes out of the lower part of the receiver just in front of the trigger and trigger guard. After you convert your saiga to be 922r compliant, is it necessary to put this part back into the receiver? I put it back into my gun however I've noticed in pictures of other's converted saiga 308s that some have put them back in and some have not. I don't understand why this is? Can someone explain this?
  3. Thanks Dad2142Dad, I made a post over on Tony's Section and asked him specifically if he had any experience regarding the adjustable gas block or any insight regarding this. Any other S308 owners out there running suppressors? What have your experiences been?
  4. Hi Tony, I am new to the forum and was referred to you as a subject matter expert from another member (Dad2142Dad) after I made a post yesterday in the Saiga 308 forum. Do you have any experience with adjustable gas blocks for Saiga 308s? I did a search on google and found this: http://www.dezarms.com/pdfs/FOR%20IMMEDIATE%20RELEASE%20AK%20GAS%20BLOCK.pdf I am interested in suppressing my Saiga 308 but after much research/reading in this forum and other forums about suppressed AKs and the less than desirable results due to gases escaping from the gas port and getting in their eyes
  5. WHAT are you talking about, the guy was asking a question ABOUT doing it. You DO NOT have to have permission to talk about doing it or to ask for advise as to the best way to go. So, unless you actually know what the hell you're talking about, don't practice law here. In response to the OP's question. Yep, it'll tend to make the bolt & carrier recoil a lots harder, possibly striking the rear trunion. I have threaded my Sx39 for a can, tested it with a friends can, the recoil, TO ME, wasn't as bad as without it, but you will get more gas and blow back. I only ran about 20 rounds thru it
  6. Hi all, this is my first post. I just wanted to first off say thanks to all of you out there (on this forum and others) who take the time to post and share your knowledge not only with those who are members of this forum but just for anyone out there with the DIY mentality. I never thought I would have gotten myself into converting a Saiga "sporterized" rifle into the 922r compliant assault rifle considering I was dead set on a Keltec RFB before a friend told me about the Saiga rifles. Anyway, back to the topic of this thread which is about suppressing a Saiga 308. I've spent countles
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