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    Furniture Options for .308 VEPR

    Stay away from Black horse arsenal. I made a purchase of IN STOCK item which in reality wasn't even produced yet and it took me 2 months to get a refund. Here is some of mine
  2. BB MBD

    20" vepr with some mods

    very nice. Neat and clean look.
  3. BB MBD

    20" vepr with some mods

    I got my third vepr. It's a vepr 1 with 20" barrel .308. This rifle was ment to be a target setup. It came with CSS hicap mag and one 5 round factory mag. I paid 700 and it's already with tapco trigger installed... I outfitted it with Texas Weapons Dog leg rail, barska 10x40-50 scope and CnC warrior 5.5" ported muzzle extension (mostly for a longer barrel look). On the way are tons of goodies to convert it into black rifle including Mission first tactical M4 stock that can be fitted with adjustable cheek rest - something I already have on 762x39 vepr and its very comfortable. Noduk "Tabuk" style flash hider got here after I took the picture so I'll update it later on. For now its with cnc muzzle. I want to mention Carolina Shooters Supply online store for providing top notch service in terms of items availability and prompt shipping. It's very nice to know that whenever item is IN STOCK It's actually IS in stock and is ready to be shipped. Also any question is answered through email almost instantly. Personal Thank you to CSSpec for production of outstanding 308 hi cap magazine. Also classic firearms for basically the same. Good variety , pricing and prompt shipping. I also installed folding adapter on 16" 308 vepr.
  4. BB MBD

    Vepr 7.62x39mm 16" Barrel Integrated Sights

    Rear sight is a flip up between 100 yards and 300 yards. Front sight does not flip.
  5. BB MBD

    Vepr 308 finished

    That is how mines are fitting. I can't pull them out unless I press the tab. Yep I got 16" for SHTF/battle rifle idea.
  6. BB MBD

    Vepr 308 finished

    When I got all the mags I tried few and all seems like holding tight and feeding with no problem. I'll double check.
  7. BB MBD

    Vepr 308 finished

    Parts used Krebs stock adapter DPH skeleton stock Scorpion grip CSS forend Shooting 100 yard range. All over the place with bipod until I started holding down forend and hit bulls eye couple of times.
  8. BB MBD

    Vepr Version 02 .308 Rifle

    I just ordered model 2 with 16" barrel converted to cap magazines. It should cover my itch for 308 semi. Got 4 mags and plan to stock up another 6.