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  1. The patients are all too ill and we never give out the patient numbers, it's against NHS rules.
  2. It's not that easy, as a lower for what the UK call a section 1 firearm like this would have to be on your licence as the licence stipulates the type and number of firearms you are allowed. It would also need to be shipped to a registered dealer in the UK then added to your licence and the police written to and informed as well, which means I would actually either have to sell my current lower first or apply for another one on my licence and to do that I would need a good reason to have 2 of the same type. My licence even states the exact calibre and type of firearms I can own along with the
  3. Looks really good, shame we can't get these in the UK otherwise I would have one in a heartbeat. Looking forward to seeing the finished job and of course a range report
  4. Oooooooooooooo So which is better the two piece lower or the one piece lower, there's only one way to find out........
  5. Thanks, let me know how you get on please. I have seen the S3G on a 223 AR and it shoots so fast, not really sure it is worth getting one for my Oly A2 as its a straight pull, but I will get one for my Spikes ST22
  6. Looking for a really fast trigger for my MKA, it shoots pretty quick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJuNuVPD5SU well at least when a mate was shooting it, but for those far away heavy steel targets I tend to double or even tripple tap them. Has anyone fitted something like a Geissele Super 3 Gun (S3G) Trigger or something similar as those seem to really be fast.
  7. Did you do anything to the mags themselves or did they just take 6 anyway?
  8. No thanks http://youtu.be/OPbL2L0ITH8 Nice video steve, so how do I get 7 rounds out of the 4 5o rounders I have collecting dust?m PM me please.
  9. Another valuable comment............. Not
  10. It looks real nice, has anyone got one yet.
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