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  1. you most certainly don't want to dry fire a bow, like a dumbass acquantenance of mine who dry fired a bow last week and had it blow to shreds in his face and arms.
  2. this one is probably excessive headspace. This was a reload I made. I make mild reloads straight from the IMR book, always at least 2 grains less than the max listed. I use 99% of my ammo for plinking, so I don't need any hot rods. the brass that I save from firing in my saiga seems to have a stretched shoulder by a few thousands more. I have boned up reloads that won't even come close to chambering in my Mini14, but these same reloads will drop right into the Saiga chamber no problem. I have probably resized at least 3000 pieces of brass with one 223 die and some of the thicker walle
  3. I have to edit this post. When I was pressing the bullets into the brass, something was occasionaly catching in the adjusting knob of the die and that was causing the casing to crush and deform a little. I only reloaded 15 cases and I just can't believe that I didn't notice I had crushed them and then put them in the magazines without noticing. As I pressed some more new ones yesterday, occasionally the same crush happened again a few times. I just turned the knob all the way in and now everything is fine. I just made 200 reloads and all have been perfect. I came to the conclusi
  4. 2 of closest gun shops near me are always telling me "this is the last one", "this is rare", "Jimbo is coming in and he is going to buy all of my ammo because my prices are so cheap". or "You can't buy ammo thru the mail, the state is going to make everyone start paying the taxes on out of state mail order items". blah blah blah buy it now before the sky falls the one dealer closest to me has had a "going out of business / closing out all guns and ammo" sign up for 30 years. I wish they weren't so close to me and I wish I didn't have the gift of gab when I go there.
  5. My vote says it isn't going to work right and they'll need another 6 billion dollars to fine tune it. Looks like a 6 billion dollar pork barrel project that is going to be a useless piece of scrap metal in the end. Then they'll want to build the next one around the equator.
  6. One of my buddies is a big Springfield M1/M14 bug. I don't know if this is true or not,,,but he was telling me that all military personnel get their stuff first before anybody else and that they are very busy just trying to fill their orders.
  7. I must have screwed something up with the reloading. I got to the range a few hours ago and shot 5 each of Brown Bear, Malaysian M193 and Winchester white box. No signs of flattened or backed out primers. I am usually very diligent and check the powder charge 4-5 times initially and then every 20 loads after. I'm wondering if I looked at 1 powder load and used a different powder?!? I probably don't even have 1000 rounds thru my Saiga yet, so the barrel shouldn't be spent yet.
  8. That was a reload I made. I must have screwed something up because 2 other the pieces of brass I just checked had some really, really flattened primers? I usually reload a few grains of powder under the max recommended by IMR, but I also use all the crappy brass for my Saiga reloads. I know my headspace is big, fired brass usually falls into the chamber that in comparison only drops about halfway into my mini? I recently bought a new .223 die set because of the questionable resizing, this may have been from the old die. Hmm
  9. this little back piece jammed in the feed area, the other half cleared I have had a few stovepipes, but I never had this happen It was torn right apart, all shiny around the tear to, no creep.
  10. I forgot about the guy who drank beer while he was using the range. The club officers told this guy he couldn't consume alcohol anymore while using the range. Quote - "Their isn't any sign that says I am not supposed to drink beer while I shoot!! DAMMIT!!" He didn't even make it a week and they caught him beering it up on the rifle range. They gave him a 3 month vacation from the club. After 3 months, he didn't last 1 week again and they booted him from the club forever.
  11. I have to admit, I like to watch people at the gun range. I like how some guys shoot shotguns (w/pellets) at the rifle targets? I love the guys who show up with a $3500 AR and the cheapest 3rd world ammo they can buy. I love the guys who show up with a trunkful of guns and no ammo for all but 1 of them. I really love the guys who show up with a bag of hard rolls and butter and share. I like the tough guys who refuse to wear ear plugs, must be the loud gunshots are all they can really hear anymore? I love it when a guy tells you reloading is a waste of time and money. He is t
  12. 2 different dealers tell me their Saiga orders are "held up" at customs ?!?!
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