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  1. I beveled and smoothed mine as well. I also found some flash inside the mag well which was causing some unwanted friction. As one of the guys at Clark custom gunworks told me "Them boys get to hawgin' 'em out till they waller around some"
  2. Negative. There is something non-OEM about the muzzle. Seriously, I am all for whatever makes each person happy. There is no right or wrong as long as you are in the game.
  3. I have a pile of slings around for other objects of American and German engineering. V-tac, Tactical Tailor, BDS, Specter Gear. I agree the size & mass of the MKA don't work well with single points. If you have to work from a knee, or use your hands it's difficult to keep in a good position. The MKA is 36" long, so even it is dead even with your shoulder the barrel is going to slapping you in the knees and you don't want to know about the pistol grip. I spoke with Brian Wise (LE/Military Sales Rep) today from Spec-Ops and he gave me an excellent suggestion; the 2 to 1 Point Patrol
  4. Okay now that I have this awesome shotgun, I am now looking for the best Tac-sling. I currently am using a Eagle 3-point. I would go with a single point but I am not sure if this will put undue stress on the tele-stock. I even thought of mounting a QD point on the back end of the rail, and move my optic slightly forward, until I change to a different faster optic. Stuck between high speed and low drag.
  5. Motorola Razr Maxx on Verizon. I didn't have this problem before but I figure an update on the site or on the phone. One of them doesn't like the other. I am fine on any computer, but it's a pain to post on my phone. I will just wait till another update.
  6. SiteIs Anyone Else Having Trouble Using Their Android Phone On Here? It CapitalizeS Everything And Doesn't Want To Put Spaces Between The Words. This Is The Only Site That Is Behaving This Way. Arghh.
  7. Matt, You Sold Me. My Order For A New Trigger Will Be Coming Shortly. I Would Most Definitely Be Interested In Extra Fitting Pins. I Learned A Long Time Ago To Keep Spare Firing Pins For Any Gun In My Kit.
  8. Rod Your Skull GraphiCs Look Good. Did You Do It Yourself?
  9. Well I am 99% done. About the only thing I need to add is skate board tape on the grips. I did the water transfer graphics myself (www.mydipkit.com). That was a learning lesson. (It is not as easy as the video looks) Tooth and Nail - Forearm, Charging Handle / Tromix - Springs and things, Stock adapter Magpul - Front sight / UTG - Flashlight w/ grip activation / Barska - Pistol grip & bipod That is a real carry handle. That plastic junk is in the recycle bin. Mag Pouch - I found you can use the Blackhawk 3-mag AR-15 pouch and cut out the dividers. Now it holds two 5 rounders without a
  10. Reading this thread due to Jaspers posting, I saw this - That is a casting flaw, it has been present in a few drive collars we have seen. I would watch the part and make sure it does not propagate Jim These things can have babies? Holy smokes! Do they come out the mag well or the ejection port?
  11. So what is everyone else using to carry their magazines? I don't have a Tandy Leather store near me so I can start hand crafting some mag pouches. I thought about looking around Wal-Mart for some kind of belt holder for a water bottle to see if I can make something work.
  12. Okay here is the way I cut my stock. Everything worked so easy it seemed like I was missing something. Again I used my bench top table saw. I have a sled I made for it. Everything is squared up box, blade, etc.
  13. aerosigns

    Ambi Safety

    Does Anyone Know If An AR-15 Ambi Safety Will Fit The MKA
  14. So far it seems like it is working fine for everyone, as long as you take your time.
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