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  1. honkytonk

    Rifle & Pistol parts

    Is the 92 mag an OEM or promag?
  2. honkytonk

    Want list

    Sig Legion 229, saiga 223, vepr 5.45....
  3. I also saw it and enjoyed it. I was a little disappointed with Doomsday and with the casting for Lex Luthor. Excited to see what comes next.
  4. I decided to join the party as well! Forgot the picture!
  5. I would love to see a Rand/Cruz ticket....or a Rand/Allen West ticket.
  6. Paid for Larry Vickers 2 Day pistol course for a class in the fall. Also picked up a Century C93....hoping this wasn't a mistake...
  7. Xd45, with extra mag in briefcase Kershaw Cryo knife Maglite flashlight in truck Get home bag in truck Iphone, wallet, keys, and chapstick
  8. Picked up a sweet FNH FNX-9 with night sights. Also bought two new mags for my S&W 5906.
  9. Rand Paul, Allen West, or Trey Gowdy.
  10. Right there with you. I was hoping I would be lucky enough to not be pulled into it but no such luck. I went ahead and donated and put the email confirmation of the donation up on FB instead of doing the ice water video.
  11. honkytonk

    new burger

    Have you guys tried Smashburger? Absolutely delicious!