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  1. I also saw it and enjoyed it. I was a little disappointed with Doomsday and with the casting for Lex Luthor. Excited to see what comes next.
  2. I decided to join the party as well! Forgot the picture!
  3. I would love to see a Rand/Cruz ticket....or a Rand/Allen West ticket.
  4. Paid for Larry Vickers 2 Day pistol course for a class in the fall. Also picked up a Century C93....hoping this wasn't a mistake...
  5. Xd45, with extra mag in briefcase Kershaw Cryo knife Maglite flashlight in truck Get home bag in truck Iphone, wallet, keys, and chapstick
  6. Picked up a sweet FNH FNX-9 with night sights. Also bought two new mags for my S&W 5906.
  7. Right there with you. I was hoping I would be lucky enough to not be pulled into it but no such luck. I went ahead and donated and put the email confirmation of the donation up on FB instead of doing the ice water video.
  8. Have you guys tried Smashburger? Absolutely delicious!
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