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  1. halarious, I think this is what caused Ivan to mess up my gas ports and rear sight to begin with lol. Actually my wife solved the issue, I realized I didn't have access to a deep freezer and she suggested heat instead. so she held her blow dryer on high and i hammered, and voila! I knew i kept her around for something...
  2. what they used to say in the military about old m2 .50 cals was you gotta treat 'em like an old tijuana hooker. Can't be gentle, gotta slap'er around hard to get her to do what you want. looks like this saiga is in that category, old russian hooker?
  3. intresting thought, i was think an ak sight tool might work with pressure from a screw bolt, but seeing as i dont have one freezer it is. thanks for the input guys. Yea i feel like a big puss, normally im trying to fix something and it shatters in my hands this if the first time i've been trying to pummel something with no avail!
  4. so i tried soaking it with wd40 for a night then clp for a night, got a sizeable punch and hammered it. wont move in either direction, just mars the crap out if the side of the sight. i dont see a bolt holding it in place when i remove the piston and check underneath, so im basically at a loss here...
  5. intresting, i'll give it a shot with a bigger punch. i thought it couldnt move. guess i gotta use some big boy strength. thanks for the quick response, ill try again and post back later..
  6. Hello all i'm new here and i'm having a hell of a time adjusting the stock rear sight for my saiga-12. It shoots almost 2 feet right at 25 yards. I tried beating the hell out of it with a hammer and punch, but to no avail, it wouldn"t move a hair. Is there some trick im missing or do i need to switch them out to mojo sights or something?
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