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  1. next time put it down on wax paper.
  2. Just get some Laurel Mountain Rust brown, then follow the directions to blue it, by soaking it in distilled boiling water, Its what I did to mine, and It looks good.
  3. Picking some plugs up in the morning. I just picked up a 12 ton press (no jack) and a 8 gallon air compressor for 100 bucks. I am seriously going to start looking in to a couple of the bulgarian parts kits now.
  4. I knew one some would call me on them, actually I had some metal plugs but lost them in my pile of parts.
  5. damn thats nice, I have never seen a Linch system, I like that. hmm
  6. I ran about 200 rounds of mixed ammo yesterday, Tulu, Privi, 556, remington 223, it ate em up good. She is sexy, my wife don't like her none too much, lol I forgot about that. Yes I opened the gas port up to .076, read it on a post here when I was researching. You can't ban gun porn, unless your a lib. Molot SKS/Mosin-Nagant mount from Kalinka optics.
  7. So I after being side tracked over and over by other projects, I finished my conversion. I replaced the front sight and gasblock with a Bolton FSB gas block combo. Shorten the barrel to 12.75 inches. Used a 14/1 lh dye to hand thread the barrel and recrowned. Installed a Venom Tactical Wolverine flash hider. Final length 16.5 inches blind pinned and welded (on the flash hider I used Birchwood Casey brown but didn’t boil it blue) Sandblasted the barrel and receiver and used Laurel Mountain rust brown on the barrel and receiver. Then boiled it to blue it instead of going for the r
  8. yup, It is, But I replaced the gas block with the FS/GB from Rifle Dynamics. I want to get rid of the dimples on the barrel from the original FSB. So I picked up a Wolverine flash hider from Venom tactical its 3.7 inches long so I am cutting the barrel down 3 inches, threading the barrel and blind pinning the new flash hider on.
  9. So I was think of picking up a ak74 bulgarian kit and one of Texas ak designs 300 BO barrels and building an AK 300BO. Then while looking at kits and pricing tools, I figured it would save me time, money and energy just to pick up another saiga 223. So I did. I found an molested H06 saiga 223 on gunbroker for $500. Put the only bid in and won. so now i have to finish my current work on my H08 223. Cutting down the barrel and pinning a new flash supressor on, and mixing up another batch of my home brew parkerizing for it. I finished fitting it for the TAKD Bastard today. So hope fu
  10. Right now I am in the process of finishing up my install of the bastard. Then you have to go and make some 300 BO barrels, I want one of them to go with an ak 74 kit, now your coming out with a receiver kit? whats the ETA of the receiver and do you need any testers? lol
  11. threading barrel tonight, going to take the thread down to the final spot and scribe the barrel where I want to cut it. have the Bolton gasblock, let me tell you it is sweet. trying to decide if I want to rust blue the rifle or take it and get it duracoated. after I blue it or duracoat it I am going to chop the barrel down 1.5 inches or maybe 2 inches and then pin the tapco razr flash hider on it.
  12. Do you still rent out the tools to trim the OD of a barrel and the die and guide to thread it?
  13. I wish could use the stock still but thats ok I'll sell it and go with something else maybe a bonesteel side folder. Not sure just yet.
  14. No it was just there for looks I'm still trying to figure out how to attack it.
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