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  1. Slugs always launch out about 10-15 feet for me. I'm a little under gassed still and my low power birdshot limps out like 2 feet tops.
  2. BHO spring was the biggest pain in the ass for me. Then after an hour or so of struggling I made a little hook to lift it into place. Super easy. Can't wait for things to settle down and for the various caliber Saigas to come in. Going to go on a conversion bender.
  3. Well, what else are you going to use the side rail for? I'm not really into optics on shotguns. Then again the shell holder would just be extra dead-weight. /shrug
  4. Finally got that freakin' BHO in. I ordered the modified BHO and it didn't seem to help at all, but it turns out I was just doing it wrong. I tried the needle nosed pliers way, didn't work. I tried the dental floss trick (many many times), no success. Turns out I found what I consider the easiest way. I installed everything first, besides the safety. I compressed the BHO spring down with just my fingers, while the BHO itself was flipped upwards and out of the way (but held in place by hammer axis pin). Stuck the trigger axis pin in through while compressing spring. No floss or anything was needed, the axis pin kept the spring in place for the next part. I then used a pick that I bent into a hook under the part of the spring I was going to bring up to the BHO tang. Brought the BHO down into its correct place while simultaneously lifting the hook with the spring above the tang. Done. I wish I had a camera to better show this, I can do this in about a minute. The last thing I did was bend the spring slightly in towards the trigger with needle nosed pliers (I did this after getting everything in place). Without making this adjustment the BHO would fall out every time, and it did at least 5 times... The blurry picture shows a major BHO failure. I've been molesting this thing for the past 20 minutes and it hasn't given yet. Anyways... it's been a good month for me. Converted the Saiga 12, opened the gas block, opened a couple ports to run some cheaper birdshot, and now FINALLY got that damn BHO in. Besides some more fine tuning and a polish job, I am pretty much done. Now I am happy with this Saiga 12 and I'm not a complete noob about it anymore. I got the mag changes down to a science and can strip this thing down 100%. A huge change from the first day where I couldn't load the thing worth a damn and had trouble putting the bolt back into the bolt carrier Thanks all who helped me with my questions, and to all the good information on this site. I know it's cheap Tapco furniture. Perfect for someone who's cheap like me.
  5. Ha, the picture of fully loaded buck is awesome.
  6. I had decent results but not sure where to go from here. The Remington target loads ran 100% (except when my skinny friend handled it like a bitch). The winchester universal and #8 super target jammed so hard it i had to use both hands to pry it out. The Remington would FTF every time before I opened the two holes though, so that's a decent improvement. It is also about $1.50 cheaper than what I usually run. What I don't understand is how the #7 Winchester super target runs 100%, then the #8 fails 100%. Same brand, 1-1/8oz, 3 dram, 1200 FPS. Thanks for the replies dubya, S12KS-K and Nephilim7. Slowly but surely I'm getting where I wanna be. I''ll just incrementally drill the other two larger, probably to .075ish and then go test again.
  7. sunnybean+Big John have the best avatars on this site and the most relevant to this post.
  8. Sadly yes. The 12ga held out for a good while, but... it's gone now. 20ga is doing good though.
  9. Thanks GunFun you always have really good responses. Last stupid question, what should I do about the burring from the two new holes? Someone on here said just to fire a few slugs. @ Mullet man: I hope you're right. First I uncovered the gas ports (three were half covered by the gas block). That slightly improved performance. This is my second attempt at making this S12 run better. I'll take pictures of the trunnion/carrier before I go out there. The cheap ammo I had before that failed 100% is: Winchester Universal 1-1/8oz #8 shot (1200fps), Remington Game Loads 1oz #7-1/2 shot (1290 fps), Winchester Super-Target 1-1/8oz #8 shot (1200fps). #7 of the Super Target failed 5% of the time. I'll be testing it Monday and will make a post with pictures of my conversion and my results.
  10. I just put it all back together and am heading to test shoot tomorrow. I'm not too concerned about it gunking up. I always clean it after every time I shoot. I don't put much more than 150 shots per range trip. Thanks for the input. I don't know why it's so hard to find odd sized drill bits locally. No luck at Lowes or Home Depot. I did think of that, just wasn't sure of the downside of not having them all equal sized. Guess it'll just gunk up more.
  11. I'll try to be brief. I went to the store to find a .076 drill bit to open up my (four) ports. All they had was .098 and .059. I bought them both anyways. Went to my friends house to find the correct size bit. His dad had a massive drill bit box from the smallest to the largest, and I grabbed a .076 and .073. Just drilled two holes and thought they looked rather large. I took my .098 bit that I had, and it fit in fine. So, his drill bit collection was mislabeled... What would you do at this point? I've got two drilled at .098 and two that are in the .065 range.
  12. Weird, I was coming here to say something similar. They were hassle free when I ordered the wrong thing and had to send the parts back. Got all my mags and conversion parts from them, even with all this mag/ammo shortage B.S. going on. Plus, in my opinion they have the best Saiga 12 conversion video on youtube. /done kissing ass.
  13. Sometimes I wish I had bought the MKA instead of my S12 (the gun shop had both). But, I am working to improve it. Unblocked the gas ports and now just have to drill them bigger. If that works, then it really wasn't much of a struggle. Although, a gun working right out of the box would have been nice. Something makes me think I will probably get an MKA at some point if they ever are priced at $600 again.
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