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  1. Are the SGM 10rd mags worth it? Reliable? Issues? Please let me know...
  2. I would like someone to convert a VEPR to an AK configuration, mostly shorter barrel (18"), regular buttstock and pistol grip. Who out there doing these?
  3. Sounds like my issue. My rail is mildly canted left, but worse, I have moderate to heavy rubbing between the bolt and ej. port side inner "wall" of the dust cover. The bolt is getting shiny in that edge and it is starting to "cut" into the inner surface of the dust cover. It bind to the extent that manual cycling just beyond the "bolt hold open device" is nearly impossible. If you do, there is heavy binding and the bolt may not thrust forward by itself. I may need a new dust cover or maybe hammering that dust cover??? to get it out of the way of the bolt.Pretty disappointing in a $1000 gun, ru
  4. hi everyone! I have come here for so much info for a long time but never signed up.... until now. Its good to be here. I have a S12 which I had planned to SBS but with the arrival of the Vepr 12s my plans have changed.
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