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  1. I wonder if she has something to do with comedian Ron Whites alias "tater salad" ....and now I call it my tater masher!
  2. FREAKIN AWESOME oh damn I just had a wet dream reading this thread, gotta go!
  3. I wonder if "torch cleaning tool" for oxy/acetylene torches could be bent to work as a cleaning tool for the ports?
  4. I just hope it is not too late to reverse it! Unfortunately anyone who even suggests slowing it down gets crucified by the media. The sad thing is I personally know four people who have worked the system all of their lives. Only "working" at a job occasionally for extra money or just long enough to qualify for unemployment before they figured out how to get on disability. Back when we had state mental hospitals it was not so enticing to get on disability for a "mental problem" and physical disability had to be actually proved!
  5. I am an engineer for a machine tool company that now imports almost everything from Taiwan which is still much better than the mainland. I can tell you Patriot is exactly right,common wear parts on a Taiwan made machine are good for MAYBE 5-7 years. When these machines were made here in the US the same part would last for 25-30 years! On machines made in China... I have seen nuts and bolts that had not fully melted that floated to the surface when they poured the Plinth on lathes. Machined shafts that did evidently not fit in a bearing that had been buggered up on a bench grinder untill they w
  6. A 'Chinese sub forum" say it aint so.... tada sher bu how!
  7. Just last year where I live in northen Indiana a local resident had their 900LB safe that was bolted to the wall stolen! The thieves used a saws all and cut the wall out probably used an appliance dolly and several large guys to roll it out. So just because it is big and heavy is no gaurantee it cannot be stolen, so if you have it well hidden that may very well be your best bet. I tired to add a link but it did not work you can find the sory at south bend tribune, stolen gun safe.
  8. Mathew Hopkins makes a good point, that one looks to be in very good shape. I have seen ones at local dealers that were not nearly as nice for $299. I think it at todays prices it would be well worth it for the condition it appears to be in.
  9. I LIKE it, very tastefully done, of course NOW that you refinished it it is only worth $61.95! LOL
  10. I refinished mine, steamed the dents out as best I could sanded most of the marks out but left the deeper ones. I used an oil finish that left it looking like a very good old battle rifle. I reblued the barrel and receiver and polished the bolt and I am very happy with how it turned out. Mine however was not rare or especially valuable, just an old Norinco surplus I bought for $69!
  11. So when she inserts the strap on dong into her lesbian partner is that rape also? Just because she straps hers on does that make it any less of an offense. By her own logic SHE is a rapist even if she is inserting it in herself! So is it still rape when my wife jumps on me in the middle of the night waking me up from a sound sleep?
  12. I haven't seen any "good" deals at shows for more than 10 years, 25 years ago when they could still import practically anything there were a lot of good deals! I like to look but I only buy hard to find trinkets that I just dont see anywhere else. Things like old military slings, stripper clips, and cleaning kits etc. How about some outdated MREs!
  13. I have a Norinco AK I bought in 1991 and its still going strong, believe it or not the Chinese do make a pretty good AK. I have only seen a few of the ones like you pictured so it is fairly rare if you can get it for a good price snatch it up! Maybe pull the gas piston out to make sure there is not bad rust damage in the tube or gas block, the barrels are chrome lined so you cant hardley hurt them unles it has had 20,000 rounds put through it. The upper hand guard is an after market piece that is fairly cheap I bought like it for $10 on Ebay too bad it doesn't have the original upper with it.
  14. HO HO HO MERRY CHRISTMAS to all and to all a GOOD NIGHT! Going to a Christmas party tonight and after a few drinks the wife gets HO HO HORNY as hell so it surely will be a merry Christmas TONIGHT.
  15. I was never in favor of fore grips untill i put a drum on the S12 then you really need one to compensate for the long reach around the drum. I first tried a vertical grip and did not like it AT ALL. The Magpul felt much more natural and was just enough. Though others prefer a vertical grip, I would suggest trying one of each before buying if you can. You could also try mocking something up maybe out of wood to see which feels more natural to you.
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