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  1. Got the Tac 47 autoplug today woohoo.
  2. The russians and brits never had belf fed 7.62x54R? or .303 brit? strange could have swore they did.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nepss5LsOFA id want the S-12 to have a system like this PKM red jacket made and if you are saying you cannot do it with a 12 gauge....this guy home made one.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iX7vwivR6cE
  3. Sadly just a mock up i found googling saiga things one night. would be amazing if it was real. then make a back pack feed set up to feed 12 gauge out of the pack to the shotgun.
  4. ordered a MD arms drum from MSAA a few days after i placed this for the V-plug i got the 20rd drum today. Also got an email she hasnt seen any progress on it either and she is mailing me another and if i get both of them to please send one back. Good fast clear communication. Wish i could have already got it but i am very happy with the customer service
  5. I think the best would be a belt fed 12 gauge
  6. Went on there all i see are the plastic ones. i want nice wood. want to make my S-12 look like an SVD
  7. yeah thats how i feel. its been a few since ive been on here. have a few extra bucks now a days and i really would love an SVD stock on my S-12 still cant find to many of them. Cant really even find SVD/PSL wood stocks either. was going to get one and just see what i might have to do.
  8. She emailed me right back and said it has happend before where the tracking number does not get updated and bam its on my door step. witch would be fine too. she said she will find out for sure tomorrow and let me know. Good customer service!!
  9. Just load the shot shells like you do 7.62X54R in a mosin. you put one rim in front of the other when loading them. thats what on i do with my mosin and my SVT-40 both cycle fine never had a rim jam up. id assume you can do this with a shot shell? thats how they load in the normal single stack mags anyways. One on top of the other with rims in front of the other. I want one of these so bad. i run my S-12 in 3 and a 20 rd box mag would be great to have. the 20rd drum works and its great but it is a little akward to hold. NECRO THREAD woohoo!!! hopefully if we keep bringing it back t
  10. its been almost 10 days since i ordered it. the label was made on the 18th but it still has not left. Yes i know the Tac 47 auto plug does not fix gas probs. but on setting 2 with factory it runs low brass fine. but i have one in my S-12 and love that i set it once and can fire low brass to 2 3/4" slugs without changing it and not do damage to my gun. Thank you thoe i know alot of people think they will fix low gas probs with just the plug.
  11. its the worst part seeing a label is made but it has not left yet!!!!!! hahaha.
  12. i ordered a Tac 47 auto plug on the 18th. a shipping label was made on the 19th but it still has not been shipped yet. Buddy just got an S-12 and wants to run low brass. just wanted to know how long it takes to get from the store to the truck? Thanks!
  13. Well lets bring it back again id really love an SVD PSL style stock still and keep my pistol grip if i can the AK butt stock i have is way to short my face is way to close to the scope *Damn short commies* Sorry for the necro thread there really is not a WOOD S-12 SVD style stock. i still need to mill out the hand guards to fit or just pony up and buy them
  14. this http://www.themakogroup.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=1044357&CAT=8674 plus a monster brake and you will be good to go! Dont mind the first rd FTE but you can see the stock taking all the recoil. and the monster brake eats it up as well. http://youtu.be/-xOOryc6XSo?list=UUbF8Ng2iGSlzDEpluaOLYsg http://youtu.be/W-SCzwob570?list=UUbF8Ng2iGSlzDEpluaOLYsg Really helps with high brass shells. http://youtu.be/xiZeALhKh84?list=UUbF8Ng2iGSlzDEpluaOLYsg here is a video showing how much the stock moves. http://youtu.be/1hlyY1rccLI?list=UUbF8Ng2iGSlzDEpluaOLYsg
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