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  1. How would the spring break? its easy.. the BHO can be a pain in the ass. But dental floss makes quick work for me.
  2. cguiro

    Mka drum

    Im surprised no one made a coupler to do this... i have access to a 3d printer. If I can get hold of a promag drum and a mk1919 mag maybe I can print it up
  3. Your best bet will be getting a 2.5" muzzle break. You can afford this by selling your press.
  4. Here is #1 of 2 blue line specials by Ryan W Knives. I have to say the fit and finish is awesome G10 custom grips with a CPM154 blade. I have had it for a few days and I enjoy carrying it behind my glock. Gotta say it has to be the nicest knife I have handled in a while. Heres the knife porn Dont forget to check out his other work at http://www.ryanwknives.com/
  5. I say we start shooting there aircraft out of the sky. U enter our air space we blow u up... simple as that
  6. So searching on slickguns I found an upper for ar10 lowers that shoots 12guage. Check it out http://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/mobile/product/711012853/redirect Also.on there website it says it comes with a magpul magazine... will a 308 mag hold a 12g shell and feed it?
  7. Thats awesome and maybe the way I can convert my s12 in nj since that is a true thumbhole stock. Just to find one for a lefty thumbhole stock is not defined in NJ therefore IMO it could still be considered a pistol grip.... Ive heard you say that a million times here and at that commi ran nazi forum njgf... a tru thumb hole stock u can not shoot with one hand... so it would not fit the criteria. Also the tapco kits that sit behind the action imo would be legal. Nj law states under the action in regards to a pistol grip. I would rather have a true thumb hole rather then a cheap and ugly
  8. The walmart in PA i think in tannersville had 525 federal bulk packs on sale for 30 bucks when I was there a week ago.. i had my wife, friend, and his fiance grab a box to for me due to the stupid 1 box limit.
  9. She needs to marry me... smart and beautiful is a win in my book
  10. I like the idea. You can even have hk type sites, custom gas plug and rail. Even a hg retainer
  11. Thats awesome and maybe the way I can convert my s12 in nj since that is a true thumbhole stock. Just to find one for a lefty
  12. You gotta be kidding me. I wonder if there is a shipping ban to this area!
  13. Lol. I think im just gunna use them as targets
  14. So I have had a few promags i got for free from a buddy who sold his s12. Well today I fitted then dropped in 5 shells, went to go chamber a round... and i cant even pull the bolt back... so i take out the mag, lock the bolt back reinstall mag and release the mag... the bolt strips the round buy next round in the mag pushed up and caused it to jam into the upper area of the barrel. I tried down loadkng them to 4rds, modifying the follower and everything else... what a piece of garbage in the garbage they go!
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