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  1. So, I read a lot of places that parkerizing then duracoating or cerakoting is the 'most durable' option for gun finishing. I want to send my Saiga to Rifle Dynamics, and I know that they will parkerize for me, but they don't have duracoat (and duracoat has the color I really want), but they have Norrell's Moly Resin. So, my question is -- is it still going to be the 'most durable' if I have a gun professionally parkerized, but then wait between 3 and 6 months before getting it duracoated? Norrell's has a color pretty close to what I want, but it can't be used on plastics (they don't m
  2. I'm also interested in having using AK mags. Do you just need a bullet guide, or do you need to 'massage' the magwell too? I'm still not really liking the idea of me doing it myself, but thanks for the votes of confidence. Thanks for the ideas about the center-punch and using a smaller bit to make a guide hole. I've watched a couple converion videos (or parts) online, the main one youtube always brings up includes a part where the guy says "Oops," while drilling - that whole event just makes it worse (he overdrills the rivet or the bit slips off the rivet, I forget, either way, not g
  3. Hello, I'm new, but I've been using this forum as a resource for a while. Most likely I'll be going to pick up a 7.62x39 Saiga Sporter soon, assuming it's not gone from the local gun store by the time I get back there. I'm probably going to shoot it in the sporter configuration for a little bit first just to try it out, but I definitely want to convert it fairly soon. I know everybody says to just convert the Saiga yourself, etc. etc., but I don't believe in my dremeling abilities and I don't have a vice and workspace (which I would want if I were to do it myself). Anyway, wou
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