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  1. Can someone please identify what this is and it's purpose? It is attached to the trigger axis pin and is the "J" looking bar..
  2. What I don't get is why the dealers are shipping out defective guns in the first place. They have to book the guns in upon receipt and should know which one's have issues. Why are they not sending them back to KGI for repair before selling them for a Grand? By now it would appear all the dealers know there may be issues with the rail. I could understand if they shipped one with a slightly canted rail that was hard to see with the naked eye, but,there is no excuse to let a gun leave the building with such an obvious defect as the OP's. Then to tell you they don't warrenty guns and it is
  3. mpnv

    DPH vs ACE stocks

    I like this. It seems to bolt on to the existing tanged trunion with out the use of an adaptor. Does the stock lock? What is the overall lenght of the stock. Is the butt pad rubber? Can the gun be operated with the stock folded? Chevyman...Your stock looks great. Good Job!
  4. I have looked into the cost of the set up to do Parking. I came to the conclusion that it is not cost effective for only a couple of guns. I also would have a problem disposing of the used solution properly. Randy Kline (ak Sledgehammer) in TX, Mark Graham (ak Gunplumer) in AZ both do great work at reasonable prices.
  5. mpnv

    DPH vs ACE stocks

    I'm thinking of putting a Galil type folding stock on my Vepr 12. I am comparing the DPH that has the hinge included to the ACE which will need the adaptor. Does anyone have one or the other installed on their gun? What is your opinion of it?
  6. I ordered a Vepr 12 from Mississippi Auto Arms and it is supposed to ship on Friday. After reading this thread, I called and spoke with Ann. She said some of them do have the canted rail. She said she would leave a note to inspect the one they are shipping me. Hopefully they will send me one that is correct. I am surprised that who ever is importing these, didn't send them all back to Merlot to have repaired.
  7. Mine are. Everything they could put a number on, they have and they match up. Thanks for the info!! Can't wait!
  8. Great pictures! I am waiting on delivery of mine. Should be by next Wednesday. Are these number matching? ie trunion, bolt, carrier. etc?
  9. mpnv

    New Guy

    Thanks for the welcome. I was afraid of Classic using Century for the conversions. I have had problems with some of the Century AK's in the past. Nothing that I couldn't fix but all the same.. I called Classic and since they did not process my order for the Saiga yet, I cancelled it and ordered a Vepr 12. It worked out to be a couple hundred more, however, it will work out in the end. Some of the mods I was going to make on the Saiga are stock with the Vepr.
  10. I'm new to Saiga's, so could someone explain the advantage of a extended mag well? Like Vepr's have. Thanks
  11. mpnv

    New Guy

    Hi Just wanted to introduce myself to the board. I am a member on the FAL Files and another member gave me this link. I'm glad he did! The info here is outstanding! I have had many AK's but am new to the AK style shotgun. I just ordered a converted Saiga 12 from Classic Firearms and waiting on delivery. I don't know who does the conversions for them, but I hope it's well done. I wish I had known about this sight prior. I'm sure with the combined wealth of knowlege on this board, I should be able to get a good grip concerning the Saiga 12. Mike
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