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  1. Just an update. I got a gunsafe a few days after being robbed. It was a Christmas present from my girlfriend. She had bought it before the break-in but was waiting for it to be delivered. The insurance company valued the guns at about $1000 then socked me for a $500 deductable. They also paid for fixing the door and other stuff that was taken. An $1800 check wasn't enuf to cover all loses but I did get a MAK 90 and a Knight black powder to restart my collection. I'm 99% sure I know who did this but, I have no proof. Karma will get them tho so, I try not to obsess about exacting some payback
  2. Tues Dec 16th I came home from work and found my front door kicked in. I knew without looking my guns were gone. These assholes busted in between 9 AM & 4 PM. Broad daylight thru a door across the street from a school. No one saw anything either. There are no windows on that side of the school tho. They got my Saiga 7.62, Saiga 12, SAR1, NEF 12 gauge singleshot, and a 50 cal Knight blackpowder rifle I'd owned less then a week. Every gun I owned. The good news is my insurance is gonna cover them. They were in arms reach of & didn't take 1000 rounds 7.62 X 39, 250 rounds 12 guage 6 sh
  3. I have the auto burst. I couldn't get it to work with either my SAR 1 or my Saiga 7.62. I can say "Rip Off".
  4. Mine has F(1,0) there. It means mine is full choke. Do you guys have adjustable chokes on your guns?
  5. I'm planning to buy a 22/410 over/under for squirrel hunting. I've been looking at the IZH94 as seen at: http://www.eaacorp.com/firearms/longguns//...izh94410t.shtml I'm trying to decide between 22 long rifle and 22 Mag. I've always hunted with a 12 guage and have never owned a 22. Any suggestions, comments and opinions welcome. TIA Dan
  6. This being Saiga-12.com, I'm thinking we will all recommend the S-12. Did you ask the guys at MP-153.com for their opionion? I'm looking forward to hunting pheasant & turkey with my S-12 this fall.
  7. Beam97xl

    Grip anyone?

    Makc, I bought one of the grips. I've seen them elsewhere but they where always out of stock. Thanks for coming thru bro.
  8. http://www.kalashnikov-usa.com/modules.php...le%20ASC&show=5 look here
  9. http://www.kalashnikov-usa.com/modules.php...le%20ASC&show=5 page two has 2 round mags. they cost as much as a five rounder, but ya gotta have it
  10. I'd like one too. It's a shame to lose the lug tho. Let us know the cost.
  11. I bought a 7.62X39 30 round mag, marked Saiga on the bag it was wrapped in, at a gun show a few mounths ago. It turned out to be an AK mag that had been modified to fit a Saiga. In my Saiga it shoots Wolf ammo pefectly, but doesn't like to feed Remington. It also feeds perfectly in my SAR 1 with Wolf or Remington ammo. You can fix the high cap mags to fit if you dare. I haven't messed with any of my SAR 1 mags but I am tempted.
  12. It's obvious their protocol does not inclued trobleshooting.
  13. I'm intrested. Nice work Makc. Thanks for starting the forum. Dan http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Lane/2292/
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