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  1. no i dont think that is accurate? or is it?
  2. hahaha your a moron..im not aiming aimlessly and i can get 2 outa 5 easy. thats all im gonna say on this topic..y dont u try it for ur self..if the gun u are using is half ass accurate and u know it well and u ur self can shoot then u can do it too..i shoot 3 times a week and about 300 rounds per shoot..i have been doing this for many years..i can shoot like a mothafucka....blindfolded..can outshoot you and your mama any day of the week...so tell me im bull shittin cause i dont care..if u want ill video tape it and put it on youtube..peace out.
  3. RWC Group is now the exclusive exporter for saigas. dont fret my friends, our beloved rifles will remain available for the time being. find a local gun shop that recieves from RWC Group. I am in no way affiliated with RWC Group LLC.
  4. yes try it..its more of a mental exercise for me..ive said it a couple times and will say it again..aim small, miss small. instead of aiming at an enemies torso, aim for a button on the shirt of the enemies torso..kinda hard to explain but any military personel will know what i am talking about.
  5. hmm ok....its weird though,
  6. so i bought another saiga 7.62x39 and it has a stepped chamber..my other 2 do not..i guess some do and some dont..what i wanna know is if the stepped chamber affects anything other than the spent shell casing. i know it kinda leaves a ring around the neck..with the chamber step affect the life of the barrel or accuracy or anything at all.
  7. WOW! finally someone that knows how to read..thanks man..and why is it so hard for people to understand this? i dont know..also i can hit a coke can at 200 yards almost every time with good ammo of course. its like as soon as something is posted that can be taken competetivly people turn very closed minded and jelous in a way..if someone posted this same post as i did i would say good job bro or something like that. i wouldnt bash on em for it.
  8. ok fine..i was just proud of it. what u are saying makes sense but it does group better than 4 or 6..on a vice it was like 2.5 inches. any ways i was just proud of hitting a penny..luck i will take.
  9. u guys need to get a life..i shot that penny at 100 yards..ive done it many times before..why would i lie about a shot like that? its not even that hard if u fuckin knuckle heads would retain what u read u would understand that its not that hard...color in a spot below the penny so u can see a black mark..now u know where to aim..of course u cant see something that small from that distance..i think u guys find it hard to believe because if u did believe it you would be jelous...this forum is full of childeren...next weekend when i go shooting ill video tape it being done. Contradictory
  10. i believe saigas are no more..at least for a long while.
  11. i dont have any super vision.. i just colored a 3 inch area of the target black right below the penny so at 100 yards i would have a general idea where it was..its a lucky shot for sure im not saying i can do it every time but i can do it more than once thats for sure..have u ever heard the expression "aim small, miss small" ? thats the idea..
  12. come on man this is a really easy job...and for what kinda brake u want i suggest the ak-74 style brake from carolina shooter supply. it was 21.95 and worth every penny. with the 74 brake and the mako recoil reducing stock i have i litteraly have less recoil than an ar-15..its beautiful.
  13. I can do it every time i go shooting..its a training thing for me. Aim Small, Miss Small. I call bullshit. haha i dont care if u call bullshit..dont hate the player hate the game.
  14. so i was wondering how many rounds i can get outta my saiga before i have to change the hammer spring. i currently have about 7000 or so on this hammer spring? do they ever go bad?
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