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  1. eh... I'm passing on this drum, too big and too fragile. rather have the Csspecs 10 rounders that are finally out.
  2. hdskumm

    centerfire called about the drum for the veper

    They said long ago that LRBHO would not work with these, unless something changed that I hadn't heard about
  3. hdskumm

    Any news on the DOUBLE STACK MAGS or did I miss it???

    That's a really good idea, at least a good way to make a "double stack" and keep the shells aligned by using 2 mags locked side by side in a mixing adapter. Make me one or 2
  4. hdskumm

    Mka drum

    That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard, you'd rather not make a shitload of money because you are afraid of some asshole stealing your design, and making a lesser quality copy. OK
  5. hdskumm

    where can i buy a v12 with folding stock

    wait until Legion gets these trunnions back in and swap it https://www.legionusa.com/vepr-folding-buttstock-rear-block-trunnion.html
  6. I emailed them a few weeks ago inquiring about an ETA for the Veprs, and they wrote back yesterday... "Right now, we're just working on the MKA variants, but this would be a great drum for the VEPRS, etc as well. I'll push the idea." ...It might be a whie
  7. hdskumm

    Sneak peek firebird drum mag for mka 1919 and br99

    I wrote them inquring about the release date, waiting on a response
  8. Atlantic posted an update 2 days ago on AKfiles "The development seems to be stalled at this time and do not have high hopes for them making it to market anytime soon. The drum was to big & bulky and weight was a issue & it needed to be redesigned to make it smaller."
  9. hdskumm

    Double Stack 12ga Magazine for Saiga-12

    get it now, they have a 50% off july 4th sale going on.
  10. hdskumm

    krebs peep site

    I believe the saiga technically uses a 1000. at least that's what I got for mine when I was researching it.
  11. hdskumm

    Sneak peek firebird drum mag for mka 1919 and br99

  12. hdskumm

    POLL Doublestack mags versus drums--options and cost

    just necro-voted
  13. hdskumm

    Sneak peek firebird drum mag for mka 1919 and br99

    How long has that preorder been going on? Seems like going on 1 1/2 years now. I like this drum, 1: being metal, and 2: being offset to the side will allow the stock to be folded
  14. hdskumm

    Sneak peek firebird drum mag for mka 1919 and br99

    If the Vepr12 version is 200, I'll preorder right now
  15. look up VEPR 12 Lefty Safety plug at thesecretweapon.net. he makes a plug that replaces the small ambi-lever on the left side for people who wish to get rid of the lever. (if that is the part you broke.)