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  1. Couldn't figure out how to edit, so quoted to reflect items sold/still available...
  2. Great packing job on the mags, made it safe all the way from Alaska. Deal with confidence.. Thanks again!
  3. John, I PM'd you with PP info. As soon as I receive it I'll send it out and shoot you the tracking number. Thanks, AJ
  4. Hi, I have factory saiga parts from conversions that I've done. I'm not really sure what this stuffs worth so I'll just throw up a price. If It's out of line, please let me know. I have: 3 2 Rifle Handguards 1 12g handguard S12 has sling swivel and plate. One rifle handguard is complete with the sling swivel and rear screw. SOLD. The Other 2 have the sling swivel, but I've since lost/thrown away the screw that holds the sling swivel on and the rear tang screws.(See pics) If someone tells me the size of the screw I'm sure I can find one to replace it with. $25 a piece?
  5. So the verdict is that it may or may not have the button depending on how much vodka the factory worker was drinking that day?
  6. Not trying to say you're wrong or contradict you, but I own 3 and none of them have it. He also had a 7.62x39mm that he sold off a while back and it didn't either. Is there any rhyme or reason as to why some do and some don't?
  7. A buddy recently picked up a Saiga 7.62x39mm rifle. He said the dust cover 'botton' was different than any AK variant he had ever seen. He says it has a little button on the top to push down before pushing the rod forward. None of my 3 Saiga's have a button like this... Has anyone seen this before? Is this a new thing they started doing? Any info would be great. Thanks, AJ
  8. Dang. Just got some about 2 weeks ago from Curtis at ak-builder. They were used but in good condition. I think they were $21 but he's sold out. :\
  9. Hi, Does anyone know where one could pick up some Bulgarian circle 10, 21 or 25's at a reasonable price? $27 a piece is little high. But the ammo's cheap so guess i evens out in the long run. Thanks
  10. Hey guys..New poster here. I recently did my 2nd conversion last night. My first was a 5.45, now I'm hooked. Ordered a 7.62 an another 5.45 and picked them up at the FFL earlier this week. The first conversion I did went A LOT smoother. For some reason, The rivet heads on this 7.62x39 were a PITA to drill out and get them to break off. Was using a brand new 3/16 drill bit jus like my first conversion which I was able to pop the rivets in like 15-30 seconds. The top wood piece of the handguard had to be fitted a little to get it around the new gas tube. I used the CSS lower HG reta
  11. New poster here. This was my first conversion. Used all parts from CSS and AK-Builder. Scrapped the LRHO, just used a regular G2 tirgger. Tapco G2 single hook trigger CSS Lower Hand Guard retainer CSS Angled bolt on trigger guard Red Star Arms FCG retaining plate KVAR Plum furniture I now have 2 more saigas (at my FFL, will pick them up tomorrow) and a bunch of parts lying around to convert them. One is a 7.62x39 and another 5.45x39 Crappy cell phone pics: Does anyone know where I can get any more of these: WITHOUT spending $30/piece?
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