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  1. Wow good news. I had just come back into this thread to post that Chris Butler is making a limited run of short bells timed for the Bulgarian detent location. Funny that AK-USA and CNC Warrior are both doing these at the same time. Now I have to decide.
  2. Some guy on arfcom cut his barrel down and it doesn't keyhole with 7n6. I've got about 2 more months for my form 1 stamp. Another picture to celebrate.
  3. I have a SBR 74U I had built back in 04 with the original 8 in barrel, it gives out a huge muzzle flash, so regardless if you cut it 8 or 9 inches you're going to get it. the muzzle attachment is no way a flash suppressor, it's more of a booster. as for the crowning of the barrel, there is a gun show this weekend, if the dealer still has the 106 pistol I will relay to you on monday how the Bulgarians cut the barrel, flat or crowned with a champher around the muzzle I would certainly appreciate that, whitetrashrn said that his gunsmith recrowned his barrel to 90 degrees and he had success with that, so I would definitely be curious about how they do the 106's from the factory.
  4. Very interesting, I did not know they did that. I have considered leaving an extra inch of barrel hiding inside the bell to squeeze a little bit of extra stabilization out of the bullet before it exits the muzzle. Not sure how that would effect the muzzle flash. Another interesting anecdote, and it seems to help confirm the theories that keyholing in Krinkovs is more dependent on a proper crown rather than the twist rate of the barrel. Someone on akfiles told me that I can have a gunsmith cut down my barrel for me on a form 1. I think that's what I'll do. Hopefully it won't cost too much. ETA: Forgot to mention, my Form 1 for this gun has been in for about a week now. I e-filed it so the wait should be about 3-4 months. If you need me, I'll be watching paint dry.
  5. I have a new idea. Since the Russian short bells are somewhat easy to find compared to Bulgarian ones, and the Russian combo front sight gas blocks aren't terribly difficult to find either, what if I bought a Russian combo FS/GB, and replaced the one on my 106CR with it? That way, I can just use the Russian short bell I already have. It seems to me like a good idea, with one small problem: This link says that the Bulgarian version has the same internal diameter as a typical gas block, while the Russian version has the internal diameter of a typical front sight block (smaller). This means that either the Russian version would have to widened to fit onto my barrel, or the barrel would have to be turned down to the same diameter as the furthest end of a typical AK barrel (would the barrel have to be removed for this?). I'm not sure if widening the Russian version to fit would make the steel too thin. My other options are to keep looking for a Bulgarian short bell for sale, or to dremel a new notch on my Russian bell to make it time for the Bulgarian FS/GB. I also have the concern there of the piece of steel between the old detent slot and the new one being too thin.
  6. Got my AKs-74 smooth collar brake in the mail today, everything as advertised, fast delivery and no bullshit.
  7. Good looking krink there. I'm very relieved to hear of someone else who has had success with 8.5" 1:8 barrels. I guess the question now is whether or not I cut it down myself, or have someone else cut it down who is experienced. All the youtube tutorials I've watched make it seem like a simple task, but I'm not quite convinced.
  8. Yeah I would really not enjoy some POS brittle muzzle brake turning into shrapnel a foot away from my face. I have no clue where to find the Bulgarian versions of these.
  9. Is that a standard Krink bell on a Draco? Dracos have that hooded front sight with centered detents, if I remember correctly.. Of course, I'm not worried about losing precious seconds turning my rifle 30 degrees to align the wire cutter slots with the barbed wire I'm about to bust through. I just want it to look right.
  10. The only kind that K-var has is the exact same kind as the one I just acquired in the picture I posted. Russian 7.62.
  11. I acquired one but it's in 7.62 and it's Russian. Now I'm wondering whether or not it would be sacrilege to have someone cut out a second detent slot so that it will work with both Russian and Bulgarian FSB's. These are fairly rare so I would hate to alter it in any way, but the search for a .223/5.45 Bulgy short bell is starting to look like a vanity.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oFFPu7vmb8
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